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Build a Stronger Culture by Recognizing Your Employees

Encourage your team’s long-term success by creating a happy and inclusive work environment with celebrations for employee accomplishments and special occasions with a feature that is built into the MangoApps Platform.
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Benefits of Employee Rewards & Recognition

Maintain culture, boost morale and promote core values by creating a space for employees to recognize each other’s
work and personal milestones.

Cultivate Employee Happiness

Four out of five employees say they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work.

Drive Team Collaboration And Performance

Positive recognition culture is proven by research to be a driver of stronger collaboration and financial performance.

Boost Employee

Lack of recognition is the number one reason employees leave jobs. 69% say better recognition and rewards would motivate them to stay longer.

MangoApps Rewards & Recognition Features

Giving An Award Is Quick and Engaging

Send & Receive Awards

Colleagues and managers can instantly celebrate the contributions and achievements of individual employees or entire teams, with easy to create and send awards.

Company-wide News Feed

Rewards and recognition appear in a public feed where everyone can see each other’s good work and like/comment.


Point systems with tangible prizes encourage friendly competition among teammates by tracking progress through showcasing leaderboards and displaying awards in employee profiles.

Redeem Reward Points

Integrations can allow your employees to redeem their points for gift cards, company swag, or other items of your choosing.
Awards Highlighted On Profile
Giving An Award Is Quick and Engaging

100+ Greeting Templates

Never miss important moments with the help of reminders, automation, and personalized templates.

Customization & Branding

Create custom awards and greetings that align with company culture and core values.

Mobile Access

Quickly recognize and celebrate workers from anywhere with our mobile-first platform.

Ease of Administration

Intuitive, flexible admin controls allow you to easily manage your rewards and recognition program, no IT expertise necessary.
Rewards and Recognition On The Go

How our Customers Use Rewards & Recognition

Give Award Badges for Hard Work
Employees can be awarded different badges for completing specific actions or assignments to be displayed pridefully on their individual profiles.
Send Well Wishes to Sick Coworkers
Deliver custom messages via greetings to help support recovery of ill employees.
Acknowledge Birthdays & Work Anniversaries
Celebrate birthdays and special occasions with automated greetings to foster a sense of belonging within the work environment.
Greet New Employees
Promote an inviting workplace through welcoming new employees using the customizable messages and greetings.
Recognize Personal Milestones
Express support and felicitations towards others’ personal milestones, such as weddings, to encourage employee value and inclusion.
Celebrate Holidays
Help spread holiday cheer by selecting from multiple pre-built festive greetings to send to all other employees.

Never Forget Birthday & Work Anniversaries With Automated Story Collection

Remotely create a virtual card "signed" by the entire office
Giving An Award Is Quick and Engaging


1.Prior to a birthday or work anniversary, story collection requests are sent automatically to managers, peers, reportees, or followers
2.These colleagues can respond with text, images, gifs, and video well wishes/stories
3.These personalized stories are added to the greeting post on the day of the event

How MangoApps Stacks Up

Features Available
Hallmark Business Connections
Peer to Peer Recognition
Recognize teams/departments
Public Recognition Posts
Automated Greetings
Event Reminder
Built-in Calendar
100+ Greetings
Story Collection Requests
Custom Greeting Cards
Company Branding
iOS and Android App
Gamification Points
Recognition Leaderboard
Custom Prizes
Functions Beyond Rewards & Recognition
Customer Testimonials

Our Customers Achieve Amazing Results

Listen to some of the hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide who
use MangoApps to drive their digital transformation.
Core values are big at Ram Tool. They're not just words on a poster on the wall—you live by them. We've seen a huge increase in how many awards are given, because it's so much easier to do with MangoApps. You don't have to remember the email address for submissions, or what you need to include. The questions are right there. It's easy, quick, in and out.
- Rebecca Stone, Internal Communications Coordinator
Once a week, we put up all the awards, and you can tag the people and say congratulations. I love that it's an easier way for us to spread our culture. It’s become a two-way conversation.
- Kati Deason, Marketing Manager

Take Your Employee Experience to the Next Level

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