Bridge The Communication Gap Between Desk & Deskless Workers

Desk workers are drowning in information. Frontline workers feel out of the loop.
Fix both problems with a modern communications platform that works for everyone.

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Workforce Reach

Without a good tool for communication to mobile, your frontline workers aren’t likely to be tapped into the company’s goals or purpose, leading to apathy and poor performance.
MangoApps puts two-way interactions with leadership into the palms of their hands, so you can engage directly with even the hardest-to-reach segments of your workforce.

Ease of Use

If you have to train your employees on a new piece of software, you’ve already lost. Your comms platform should make sense to a new user, right out of the gate.
MangoApps is easy to use from any device, even for your least tech-savvy employees, and doesn’t require IT dependency for day-to-day administration.
Ease of Use


Mass emails waste everyone’s time, and printed newsletters are a relic of the distant past.
With MangoApps, deploy a multimedia message in minutes to the exact sector of your workforce that it pertains to, so no one gets bombarded with irrelevant updates.

& Support

Software implementations that drag on forever waste time and money. We are not some massive company that sells you a license and disappears.
Our priority is to get you up and running fast, and then maintain long-term success. You’ll get 24/7 access to our expert support team, for quick resolution to issues that arise.
Implementation & Support

Thousands of Organizations Can Vouch
For The Power Of MangoApps

MangoApps has revolutionized how we communicate from a corporate standpoint. We want this to be the only way our teams communicate, eventually. It’s got everything you need—messaging, documents, storage, posting. I think bringing people together through MangoApps will be very beneficial to our organization in the long run.
- Kyle Loafman, VP of Purchasing, Ram Tool
MangoApps has given us a platform to be able to reach all layers of our organization through one communication platform. Whether the message needs to be a corporate communication, or organically driven through chat, feedback, it allows for interaction and participation that we’ve never experienced before.
- Mike Gager, VP of IT, TeamHealth
I actually can’t even recall a time where I’ve had to sit down with someone and say, ‘This is how you use MangoApps.’ So, it’s been very easy for our members to figure out.
- Jamie Hines, Operations Manager, University of Illinois
All The Features You Need

All The Features
You Need

We’ve spent over a decade working with global customers to build the perfect employee comms platform. Our deep feature set can address any possible use case, without compromising on ease of use.
  • Equally functional on mobile & desktop.
  • Enterprise-grade security.
  • Largest set of integrations on the market.
  • Great user experience. No training needed.
  • Fully custom branding. No coding.
More Details

Overhaul Your Internal Communications
With MangoApps

Finally, a communications platform designed for how your team works.

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