Retail Use Cases

See how our retail clients are using MangoApps to improve their
communication, collaboration, and training.

Internal Communications

Internal Communications

Private messages, team chat, and top-down communication ensure that everyone in the company stays on the same page. Templates, segmentation and read receipts make your corporate outreach to store managers and associates targeted and easy to draft and deploy.

Crisis Management

Ensure the safety of affected team members in any urgent situation, with easily customizable alert templates and real-time viewing insights. Quick targeting ensures that you can reach the right people in minutes with email, SMS, and push notifications.
Crisis Management
Culture & Engagement

Culture & Engagement

Make your store employees feel valued and heard with surveys, polls, and employee recognition/awards. Everyone in the company has ideas and deserves to have a voice, as well as to be recognized for a job well done.

Retail Modern Intranet

Give your employees a unified dashboard with employee resources, a company directory, and other company content. Everything is organized and easy to find, and self-service access to IT and HR information saves time by reducing questions.
Retail Modern Intranet
Training & Onboarding

Training & Onboarding

Get new store associates up and running fast, with access to training and company resources from day one. Mango Training ensures a consistent onboarding experience and reinforces your brand to your newest employees.

Store Operations

Tasks, to-do lists and scheduling ensure that information is distributed to those who need to see it, and automation removes friction from store processes.
Easy Access To Company Information
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