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Why Retail Workers Are Underserved With Communications


Invest In Your Frontline Retail Workers

The state of the retail industry is evolving.

Your frontline retail employees work without email, computers, desks, and other tools that would typically be available to desk workers. With employees spread out across the store, it can be challenging to effectively communicate in a retail store environment.

Providing a unified employee experience has never been more important. Retail employees interact directly with your customers every day. Poor internal communication means not only a frustrating day for retail staff but also a bad experience for your customers.

Despite being the vast majority of employees, and often the ones interacting with customers, frontline retail workers are neglected — especially when it comes to decisions about workplace tools. Floor employees are severely disconnected from upper management and often rely on ‘passed along’ messages as their primary source of communication.

This guide will explore the reasons why retail workers are underserved with communications, and avenues that retail organizations should pursue to deliver a unified employee experience.

Our goal is to arm IT decision makers with data that draws a clear line between better engagement of retail workers and improved customer experiences, and give them tangible solutions they can implement to foster employee understanding and behavior change.

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