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Every user gets a personal newsfeed, with posts and updates where they can react and comment within a familiar social media-like interface
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Modern intranet

Modern Intranet

Stay organized with collaborative documents, wikis, and libraries, all nested in a mobile-friendly, searchable intranet.
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Keep staff and volunteers aligned with your mission and values, through mobile-accessible training courses you can create and deploy in minutes.
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Rewards & recognition

Rewards & Recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition makes your workers feel appreciated for their efforts. Virtual greeting cards spread joy throughout your organization and encourage employees and volunteers to stick around.
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Forms & Workflows

Track everchanging fundraising information and budget plans with forms that populate into collaborative spreadsheets, and automations that save time.
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Forms & workflows
Schedules & shifts

Schedules & Shifts

Simplify the process of creating, distributing, and updating schedules through a built-in feature within the same app as communication and intranet.
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Focused Mailbox & IM

Efficiently push information out to your staff and volunteers, on a mobile-accessible platform to simplify targeted communication throughout all levels of your organization.
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Focused mailbox & IM
Customization & white-labeling

Customization & White-labeling

Create a consistent employee experience regardless of company structural changes by using white-labeling to reinforce your brand and culture.
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Actionable Analytics

Gain insights into how your nonprofit is performing and how you can better support your cause with surveys, polls, ballots & voting, and generatable reports.
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Actionable analytics
Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Connect workers from every location, including remote, with user-friendly apps for both iOS and Android devices that contain all of the most used functions.
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Protect all company and donor information with a multi-level security system to ensure the safety of storing and transporting undisclosed data.
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