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Global Search

No matter the industry, employees often struggle to quickly find the information they need to do their jobs or know their role in the organization. Twenty-five years have passed since Google was launched, and consumer search now includes artificial intelligent chatbots that can give users information on just about anything (assuming the information existed prior to 2021, of course). Yet, in that time span, companies have continued to struggle to provide a similar experience, albeit on a much smaller and simplified scale. 

Every employee is used to searching for anything, at any time, from anywhere, throughout their everyday life, yet a company intranet often falls short of this capability. And within the modern digital workplace, providing and finding information quickly and reliably is paramount. It can be the difference between customer success and customer churn, revenue won and revenue lost, employee well-being and burnout. Without a powerful intranet search feature, employees spend much of their valuable time looking for the information and resources they need to do their jobs instead of actually doing their work. 

If staff members can’t find the necessary tools and assets, their employee experience will suffer, leading to poor productivity, increased burnout, and potential turnover. Morningstar Living, a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community for senior citizens, was familiar with having to cope with a lackluster search tool, as their recruiter, Dana Cascioli, shared with us, “The search capability with SharePoint was very dysfunctional, so having MangoApps’ search capabilities was huge for us because, oftentimes, our employees are looking for something specific and don’t want to waste time sifting through a list of documents.” 

Without a reliable, easily accessible search tool, teams rely on each other for answers, waiting on replies instead of making progress. Organizations that lack a sufficient search tool commonly encounter the following issues: 

Reduced Productivity

The longer it takes to find information, the more time is wasted. Inaccurate or irrelevant search results can also lead to employees missing out on things like company announcements, project updates, or useful resources that will make their jobs easier. It can also generate duplicated efforts and redundant content.

Meager Engagement

A poor search function often correlates with poor content organization, meaning users will struggle to intuitively locate documents, files, and resources. When users can't find the information they need, it can hinder their ability to collaborate, leaving them feeling isolated and disengaged. Your customer’s success is dependent on an engaged workforce - without it, your business will flounder.  

Incomplete and Irrelevant Results

When search results don't provide all relevant information, your employees will get a limited view of the information available, adding to the productivity hits in your organization. Generic search functions do not offer filtered, narrowed results, so finding necessary information can be a long, fruitless journey. They don’t provide a complete view of information either, missing key documents, images, videos, and other files that your employees should have fast access to in order to make their work easy. 

Mismanaged Experience

A bad search experience is often hindered by poor administrative tools that are meant to help company admins provide a good search experience. Rather than an effective search tool, companies often implement various platforms to simply house information, and only individual people know where the right information exists. If administrators and managers could access analytics on search usage and user behavior, they could make informed decisions about improving their users' experiences. Unfortunately, standard search tools do not offer such insights, meaning employees are left feeling hopeless with a poor experience.

The purpose of a modern intranet is to communicate and engage employees no matter where they work, and it should combat the poor outcomes that inadequate search tools produce. Through the right modern intranet, companies can give employees powerful search capabilities that are on par with what they’re used to outside of work, including the assistance of AI, that support their needs while alleviating the frustrations legacy intranet searches generate. By offering a search tool with advanced features, employees will move about their day smoothly without running into productivity roadblocks. 

The MangoApps Modern Intranet platform has the most powerful search features in the market. Our customers effortlessly find and share data, resources, colleague contact info, and more, in no time. Any company can provide employees the ability to locate and access exactly what they need with an intuitive, fine-tuned search tool that empowers both deskbound and frontline staff to focus on their tasks from any location.

State-of-the-Art Functionalities

A robust tool that fosters knowledge sharing, collaboration, and improved productivity, MangoApps' Search helps streamline your work day and boosts efficiency. 

  • Quick Results: The Look Ahead feature allows you to precisely find what you’re looking for, down to the letter. As you type, the exact matches are highlighted in the dropdown, guaranteeing the most accurate results. 
  • Relevance Tuning: Adjust your Search algorithm to prioritize the types of content that are most important to your workforce, relaying the most relevant results first.
  • Easy Integration: Files from integrated apps, such as SharePoint, Teams, and Google Drive, are included in MangoApps Search results, so your employees have one single source of truth. This gives users without licenses to those apps access to important files and resources.
  • Consistent Experience: MangoApps’ Search displays the same results whether you’re on desktop or mobile, ensuring both office workers and frontline teams have access to the same company information. Plus, any Search filter used on desktop is also available on mobile.
  • Automatic Hashtags: Using AI and machine learning, the documents and files uploaded to your domain will automatically be given relevant hashtags, making it easy for users to find the content they need. 
  • Effective Filters: Employees can further narrow search results by utilizing filters. Even pick how many results to show, organize them by Best Match, Newest, or Oldest, or choose to see results from a specific timeframe.
  • Character Recognition: The MangoApps Search engine recognizes text within images and documents, so all relevant results are included - even if the title doesn’t match the original search query.
  • Fast Access: The Search field includes a list of your five most recent Searches and others deemed important by admins, making it easy to find information that is regularly referenced. Both Recent and Saved Search results have "Get Link" functions, enabling colleagues to share entire pages of Search results effortlessly. 
  • Enlightening Insights: Search analytics give you a clear overview of your domain's Search performance. See the total number of Searches made within your domain in the last year, three months, thirty days, or week to get an idea of how often users take advantage of the Search feature. The insights page also lists the terms voted "unhelpful" and the top Searched terms. 
  • User Feedback: Help keep your domain’s Search results accurate with the Feedback function; your admins can easily access this information and use it to finetune your domain’s Search results.

Benefits of Using Search

MangoApps’ Search provides an advanced search engine that caters to your company's needs. With a wide range of filters, weighted content capabilities, and convenient access, providing and finding relevant information throughout your domain is a breeze. MangoApps Federated Search also allows you to seamlessly find information in Teams, SharePoint, and even Google Drive. This allows employees to find information quickly, no matter where it is stored. Here are some ways our customers benefit from using Search:  

One platform limitless solutions
Shareable Information

Saved searches create easily accessible knowledge archives users can return to and share.

Time Savings

Quickly find vague information and apply specific filters to narrow down results.

Increased Efficiency

Find everything you need via one powerful search bar, eliminating the need for numerous tools.

Retain Institutional Knowledge

Give new employees access to searchable, historical information collected before their tenure.

Are you tired of wasting time as you sift through irrelevant search results? Want to provide an easily accessible, reliable way for your employees to find the information and news they need to do their jobs successfully?

Book a demo with MangoApps! We’ll show you how your company can utilize features like Search to fully empower your workforce and improve productivity - with one centralized platform.