Shifts & Schedules

Cover 100% of shifts at your retail location with a mobile-friendly scheduling tool that keeps everyone in the know. 

  1. Ensure frontline employees & field workers stay connected with mobile access to up-to-date Schedules
  2. Empower employees with the ability to switch shifts & find coverage 
  3. Keep staff informed with access to their weekly personal shifts, co-workers’ shifts, and hours worked
  4. Integrate & sync existing shift & scheduling management solutions for smooth, real-time edits & updates 

Sync files across platforms

Integrate existing scheduling & shift management software with a standalone client for both PC & Mac.

Integrate existing schedules

Employees see up to date changes on their MangoApps Schedule as employers make edits on their existing scheduling platform.

Access schedules from anywhere

MangoApps’ Schedules ensure frontline & field workers have access to crucial shift information from any mobile device.

Even more great features to love

How customers use this feature

  1. Improving Operations: Boost efficiency & shift management with transparent, store-wide schedules
  2. Identifying Hours Worked: Empower employees to keep track of their scheduled hours & potential overtime  
  3. Easily Accessing Schedules: Keep employees informed of current and future schedules
  4. Physically Displaying Shifts: Quickly generate schedules into PDFs to make printed copies