Interactive Quizzes

MangoApps Quizzes engage audiences and help employers test knowledge in a fun and visually appealing environment. Quizzes can be distributed at any level and customized to match any kind of need.

  • Create quizzes to test employee knowledge, hold competitions, or encourage a fun learning environment
  • Access detailed statistics about quiz takers and their answers, providing valuable insights in real-time
  • Share quizzes company-wide or tailor your audience to target specific teams, departments, or employees
  • Take quizzes at your convenience by accessing them on your desktop, smartphone, or another smart device

Interactive Quizzes

Interactive, Fun Company Content

Deploy simple quizzes to reinforce employee learning and gauge company knowledge. It’s an easy way to create interactive content without investing in third-party software.

Simple Quiz Creator

Our quiz builder is easy to use, with customizable templates and options like expiration dates, mandatory quizzes, and passing criteria. Go from idea to execution in minutes.

  • Free response and multiple-choice questions cover most situations
  • Save drafts, preview your quiz, and share with colleagues
  • Schedule quizzes in advance, and boost within your intranet portal
Interactive Quizzes

Actionable Insights

Access real-time stats about both the respondent and their answers. Visual results make it easy to spot trends, and data can be exported to a spreadsheet for deeper analysis.

Gamification Rewards

Quizzes are tied into your domain’s gamification, so users get levels and badges for creating, completing, and passing quizzes.

Full Administrator Control

Admins have full control over which users have permission to create quizzes. They can also configure email preferences to ensure a user is notified when there is a new quiz to take.

Access From Anywhere

Quizzes are available from web, mobile, or desktop within MangoApps, and are shareable via link.

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