Polling Tools

MangoApps Quick Polls are the best way to gather information and gauge interest from coworkers and other employees. Polls can be conducted generally or targeted to a specific team, providing insightful results on every issue.

  • Easily build effective poll audiences with intuitive filters, targeting the right people for any topic
  • Create and share polls in seconds or edit existing polls without interfering with existing data
  • Add a poll expiration date to encourage prompt participation and cap accepted employee response time
  • Dig into data in real time with detailed analysis tools, helping to make the most informed decisions
  • Provide anonymity for sensitive or opinionated questions, allowing employees to give honest feedback
Polling Tools

Give Employees A Voice

Build a better workplace with employee polls. Measure job satisfaction, evaluate performance, and get crucial feedback from employees.

  • Create a targeted poll for a unique audience (specific group, team, etc.)
  • Get opinions, preferences, and answers from your teams
  • Poll results are automatically plotted in a bar/pie chart

Build Effective Audiences

Quickly share polls with advanced filters that allow you to target the right people for any topic.

Polling Tools

Add An Expiration Date

Designate an expiration date for a poll to encourage participants to respond quickly and cap the accepted employee response time.

Add Relevant Tags

Attach relevant hashtags to polls to help make the objectives clear and make the poll easier to search for.

Seamless Poll Drafting

Our poll builder is easy to use, and can be created & sent out to a desired audience in seconds.

  • Share a poll with teams, groups, projects, departments, and more
  • Save drafts, enable user comments, set an end date, & preview your poll
  • Add custom poll choices, or use default answers (Yes, No, Maybe)

Detailed Analysis Tools

Dig into poll results in real time with detailed analysis tools that help you make informed business decisions.

Edit Existing Polls

Create and share polls in seconds. Existing polls can be edited without interfering with the already-acquired data.

Enable Comments

Users can enable comments to allow participants to provide alternative answers or additional details to a poll question.

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