Personalized News Feed

MangoApps News Feeds are a centralized space to see updates from your different teams, projects, and activities. News feeds exist at both a general and team-specific level, showing you updates from wherever you need.

  • See all of your company, department, and team updates in a single centralized and scrollable location
  • Create quick communication by sharing updates, ask questions, or posting files to everyone in your team
  • Effectively collaborate together with easy to follow and visually engaging comments and reactions
  • @ mention different users in a post to create a personalized notification for them about your update
  • Pin important updates from your news feed to mark them as important and create easier future access
Personalized News Feed

Stay On Top Of Tasks And Updates In Real Time

One central source for your individual, team, and company updates, where you can respond, take action, and bring in colleagues, all on a single page.

  • A familiar social media environment that people will take to quickly
  • Eliminate siloed email collaboration and do better work, faster
  • Flexible settings ensure that you don’t get bombarded with unnecessary notifications

Enterprise Activity Stream

Read important items, react, comment, and share work conversations. Users are able to receive a constant stream of important and relevant updates without any clutter.

Personalized News Feed

Stay In The Loop

Keep employees in the loop with a documented and easy-to-view thread of updates, project files, and conversations surrounding a specific topic.

Feed Preferences

Users can customize their news feed and decide what news is the most important to view, react, and respond to first.

Generate Project, Team-specific, Or Department News Feeds

News feeds exist at both a general and team-specific level, allowing you to see updates on specific projects or groups wherever you need.

  • See company, department, and team updates in a single scrollable location
  • View project or group-specific news feeds that only show relevant updates
  • Effectively collaborate by sharing updates, asking questions, or posting files to your team

Recommended Mode

Automatically personalize an employee’s news feed, showing them what is most relevant to them first so that they don’t drown in less relevant communication.

Improved User Experience

With the News Feed, the right content is always available, allowing users to respond to polls, ask questions, preview links, share large files, and more.

Pinned & Unread Items

News feed items can be ‘pinned’ to allow users to come back to it later. Mark an item as ‘unread’ to ensure that you don’t miss following up on something important.

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