Greetings For Life’s Most Meaningful Moments

Creating and fostering a healthy company culture is paramount to the happiness of employees and success of the company. With greetings, colleagues are given the opportunity to interact and send best wishes to each other to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, well wishes, congratulations, and more.

100+ Organized Greetings In Categories

Make use of over 100 greetings organized nicely into appropriate categories. Categories range from birthdays, holidays, marriage, birth, sympathy, well wishes and much more. Admins can choose to enable or disable greeting categories as needed.

Company Branded Greetings

Allow users to spread company joy and pride in their greetings by creating new custom greetings with tailored images or text that is company branded. Branded greetings can be placed into their appropriate category of choice, making sure that users find it when they need.

Birthdays and Other Important Dates In Calendar

The company calendar helps companies stay organized and plan more effectively through the year while keeping employees up to date with events. Birthdays, company events, holidays, and more integrate seamlessly with the user’s MangoApps calendar.

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Control Permissions and Greeting Types

Admins have full control over who can give greetings and determine the types of greetings that various users are allowed to put out into the network. Each category (denoting greeting type) can easily be set to allow all users, certain members/teams, managers only, or even a limited selection of individuals for use.

Reminders For Birthdays and Anniversaries

Users will never forget Birthdays or Anniversaries again. Those important occasions are fed right into every user’s notifications, prompting them to produce and send a greeting for the occasion. Other users can then extend their greetings and wishes in response to that greeting post- making it like a greeting card that everyone in the office has signed.

Greetings On The Go

Create and foster a healthy company culture while on the go. Users can interact and send best wishes to each other from iOS and Android apps to celebrate colleagues from anywhere. Users will also see a full list of greetings given in the domain, along with comments and reactions.

How Our Customers Use Greetings

  1. 1
    Recognize and celebrate important moments and dates
  2. 2
    Spread office cheer and positive culture by creating more reason for interaction
  3. 3
    Keep track of important dates, holidays, and birthdays with ease
  4. 4
    Enable a wide variety of greeting types for all occasions
  5. 5
    Create unique and custom company branded greetings

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