Global Search

Empower employees with a Global Search that delivers exactly what they're looking for - in seconds.

  1. Put Search results at your employees’ fingertips, from desktop or mobile.
  2. Find relevant results fast by applying detailed filters to your Search. 
  3. Continuously improve results with in-depth insights into network Search habits.
  4. Find text & images with a deep Search that not only scans file names but also file content.

Crawl documents & images

Our search engine recognizes text within images and documents, so all relevant results are included - even if the title doesn’t match.

Filter by criteria

Use search filters to narrow down results, so you can find exactly what you need in no time. 

One search bar for all your integrated apps

Files from integrated apps like SharePoint are included in MangoApps search results, so your employees have one single source of truth.

Search History

Recently searched terms are available in the search bar. Search history will continue to appear for 30 days and can be cleared if desired.

Search By Document Text

Every search automatically crawls all the content for specific words or phrases found within text, rather than just tags and titles, making it easy to find information inside documents, files, posts, wikis, and more.

Search Insight & Management

Admins have access to search reports, relevancy settings, and feedback, so they can identify patterns and fine-tune their domain’s search function.

Even more great features to love

Reference recent and saved searches

Access your most recent and saved searches set by admins to quickly find solutions to frequent queries.

Share search results 

Generate a shareable link that goes to Search results creating a list of accessible references for yourself & your colleagues.  

Get results as you type

Find what you’re looking for, down to the letter, with Look Ahead search that highlights matches in the dropdown menu. 

Keep Search results on par

Users can express whether they found their Search Results helpful, which is packaged and delivered to admins so poor results can be addressed.

Analyze your network’s Search performance

Gain insight into your company’s unique Search habits to understand your employees’ needs better. 

Fine-tune your Search algorithm

Adjust your Search algorithm to put focus on content that’s most important for your workforce. 

How customers use this feature

  1. Saving Recurring Searches: Create easily accessible reference repositories 
  2. Inverse Searching: Save time finding vague information by using “NOT” searches
  3. Eliminating Tools: Find everything you need via one powerful search bar 
  4. Finding Answers Fast: Apply specific filters to narrow down results quickly 
  5. Sharing Information: Give new hires access to searchable information that was collected prior to their tenure