Instant Messaging and Group Chat

Eliminate the communication roadblocks that get in the way of your work with a Chat feature that connects users and groups in real time.

Chat across platforms

Available in-browser, on mobile, and as stand-alone Windows & Mac apps, everyone within your organization can readily reach each other on their preferred devices.

Know everyone got the message

Enable read receipts and mark messages as “important” to ensure your entire team acknowledges crucial announcements and crisis alerts.

Express yourself

Emojis, gifs, and custom statuses allow employees to be expressive and have fun. Plus, the “react” option lets recipients respond concisely without triggering notifications.

More unique features to love

Target your audience as needed

The ability to create ad hoc group chats leaves those irrelevant to the conversation undisturbed and focused on their tasks.

Choose your Chat preferences

Flexible notification preferences let you decide how and when to be notified.

Collaborate effectively with file sharing

Send and receive photos & videos within your Chats, and readily access those files any time afterward. 

Send broadcast-only messages

When communicating important announcements to large group Chats, turn off “reply” allowance to create broadcast-style messages, decreasing noise and notification overload. 

Keep Chats archived

Admins can choose who has the ability to delete messages from a Chat, ensuring important data or evidence doesn’t disappear. 

Maintain Chat security

Set messages to “self-destruct” after a certain time to protect sensitive information from being tracked or shared.

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Discover how it functions

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Actual customer use-cases

  1. Collaborating: Work together on group projects between teams & locations
  2. Sending Alerts: Share crucial messages with read receipts & alert notifications
  3. Real-time Instant Messaging: Colleagues, teams, and groups can chat from any device
  4. Sharing Files: Easily send documents & large files
  5. Connecting with Colleagues: Presence indicators and custom statuses let you know who’s available

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