TinyTake for Teams

Your Secret to Standout Support

Communicate visually using annotated screenshots, videos, slideshows, screenshare & more

TinyTake for Teams

Visual communication is the fastest way to provide feedback & support

Visually Support Customers
Remove the guesswork from support. Screen captures and video guide customers to what they need, and where to find it.
Create Learning Content
Capturing content with annotations and audio, allows for quick and easy teaching videos or visually rich guides.
Easily Share Feedback
Work through document review, design revisions, website edits, and more by providing feedback with clear annotations.
Efficient Bug Reporting
Capture and point out bugs as you see them, annotate or add audio dialogue, and share directly with the product team.
Share Product Ideas
Inspire new features or products by visually representing your ideas with annotations to maximize impact.
Annotate For Results
Save time and effort with clear and concise annotations to graphics, content, and more, making communication tangible.
Close QA Loops
Provide visual feedback to effectively test and review products, applications, and web pages.
Rich Content Creation
Equip marketing and design teams with tools to create rich product screenshots, GIFs, and movies.
Virtually Meet & Support
Easily screen share to provide support, guidance, or to supplement discussion internally or externally on any device.
Next Level Sales
Equipped with screen sharing capabilities and image/video capture, sales teams create custom content to close the deal.

Capture Images, Annotate, and Share

TinyTake allows users to easily capture what appears on their computer screen and then markup or annotate screenshots with text boxes, steps numbering, arrows, watermarks, highlighters, sensitive area pixelation, or add picture captions. Visuals and detailed descriptions make supporting customers, identifying problems, and sharing ideas or feedback much easier.

Record and Annotate Videos In 4K

Users can record their computer screens, with support for high-end 4K systems. From simple mouse movements to adding commentary and audio, TinyTake videos record everything users see and do at any length, allowing for rich learning content, support videos, instant communication, and more.

Save or Share Captured Files

Files captured or created with TinyTake are designed to be easily shared to effectively increase communication. Share files with customers or coworkers easily through email, via a weblink, through MangoApps, or saved locally on a drive. File links can be copied automatically to a clipboard, reducing the steps to sharing.

Search and Find With Ease

Any image or video that is captured or created can be tagged and named. This makes it easy to search and find files when they are needed. Previously shared images and videos can also be edited to include a tag and name as necessary.

Rich and Easy Content Creation

Content creators use TinyTake to record videos along with their own voice or system audio, key to creating useful how-to videos, guiding customers through support cases, when providing feedback, or reporting and recreating bugs.

Create GIF Images or Movies From an Image Set

Using new or previously captured images, TinyTake allows users to turn these images into an animated GIF or a movie. Images can be sequenced in any order or by timestamp, customized with background colors and easily annotated as well.

Templates and Multi-Monitor Support Make Capturing Easy

TinyTake comes equipped with templates for pre-selected capture regions. By choosing from our predefined template sizes or defining your own, create consistency across your company regardless of the use-case. Users can also screen capture in multi-monitor setups by simply dragging the capture area tool across multiple displays.

View Full Capture History

Images and videos saved and shared in TinyTake are automatically stored into a comprehensive media library and are easily accessible, allowing users to go back and view old files created or shared with them or re-share older content at any time from one centralized location. Keep track of files organized into pre-established categories and file types.

Screen Sharing For All Employees

Replace in-person meetings and conversations and save on costly user licenses for users that only need light or occasional access to screen sharing for internal/external use. Screen shares are launched with ease, allowing participants to access from any device, anywhere.

Live Support and Guidance To Customers

When providing assistance to clients in support cases, training, or even closing a sale, live screen sharing makes all the difference. Guide customers directly to a resolution, teach them how to access or use a feature, or provide a live presentation to close a sale.

Live Support and Guidance To Customers

Full Administrator Control

MangoApps is built for any business, small to enterprise, giving all the necessary tools and power to the admins to set up and personalize the portal to the needs of the business and company culture. With TinyTake for teams, this is no exception, admins determine the level of personalization and permissions granted to their users.

Works Beautifully With Other Systems

Paired Beautifully for Ticketing, Learning, and Content Tools

The power of capturing and creating on-screen content with TinyTake makes it a no-brainer when paired with other systems. Create the most effective input for any ticketing, learning, or content management system, and drive results with visually rich and annoyed captures. TinyTake makes it easy to support customers, build wealth in learning materials, and enrich any content.

Company-wide Deployments at Leading Companies

  • MangoApps Customer - Berkshire Hathaway
    MangoApps Customer - Tatts Group
    MangoApps Customer - Christies Fine Art Auctions
    MangoApps Customer - Kelly-Moore Paints
    MangoApps Customer - Kainos
    MangoApps Customer - PFM Medical
    MangoApps Customer - Modern Technology Solutions, Inc
    MangoApps Customer - National Health Service (NHS)
    MangoApps Customer - Chicago Freight Car Leasing
  • MangoApps Customer - St. Louis Community Credit Union
    MangoApps Customer - TransLine
    MangoApps Customer - CF Rail Services (Sasser)
    MangoApps Customer - American college of Radiology
    MangoApps Customer - Washington state bar association
    MangoApps Customer - Duke CE
    MangoApps Customer - Attune
    MangoApps Customer - Emergency Physicians Medical Group (EPMG)
    MangoApps Customer - Burnham Holdings
  • MangoApps Customer - Panasonic
    MangoApps Customer - Euro Money
    MangoApps Customer - The Dominican Order
    MangoApps Customer - CCS Fundraising
    MangoApps Customer - BAWAG P.S.K. Bank
    MangoApps Customer - United Way
    MangoApps Customer - Superdrug
    MangoApps Customer - Perfume Shop
    MangoApps Customer - Amadeus

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Pricing is based on just three things

1. Modules You Need

Start with pre-configured app functionality and add any additional modules you need.

2. Deployment Model

Choose from three deployment options - Shared cloud, Private cloud or On-premise.

3. Total Number of Users

Per user subscription pricing. Volume discount based on total number of users.

TinyTake for Teams is priced based on the total number of users you have and the modules you need. Schedule an introductory call so we can go over your requirements, demonstrate how MangoApps will meet those requirements, discuss pricing and rollout process.

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Here’s what our customers are saying about us

  • It’s interactive communication. It provides our employees within the stores the possibility of actually giving their feedback on things that they see…. It’s a very interactive and quick way of responding to what you see and that’s fantastic. That’s what our aim was and that’s what the biggest success has been so far.
    Jan Carel Uylenberg
    ASW Benelux HR Director
  • [I’m] so happy that we have this tool. I can't imagine what it would be like without it. It makes everything so much easier and simplified. It puts everything we need in one spot so everything we have is available.
    Brooke Laskin
    CCS Executive Director
  • It allows you to educate people very easily. So if you find something that you think works better, or not, you can put it into a video and share it with your colleagues. It’s kind of a self learning platform.
    Phil Ward
    Huber+ Suhner Data Centers Market Manager
  • The tool was so easy to understand and the [employee] feedback was overwhelmingly positive, almost unrealistically positive. I don’t see that in many projects like this.
    Vojta Borovian
    Kelly-Moore Paints IT Director of Infrastructure & Services

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  • Where is my data hosted?

    We use Amazon AWS for all of our computing needs. Based on your location and regulatory needs, shared cloud customers can pick one of the five AWS data centers during sign-up. For private cloud customers, we can host your data at the AWS data center of your choice.
  • Do you offer volume or non-profit discounts?

    Yes, we offer both volume and non-profit discounts. Please note that all our enterprise products require 100+ user licenses and are billed annually. Contact sales for more information.
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