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Communicating Employee Schedules

The absolutely killer application for us is that we offer employees their working schedule online. Every employee, 24/7, on their mobile devices, on their way to the store, can actually look at their schedule to make sure they know what the plan for that day is like. And that is the absolute number one for our employees.

Jan Carel Uylenberg

HR Director, A.S. Watson Benelux


A.S. Watson Benelux

A.S. Watson Benelux, a large European retail chain with over 1,700 stores and 27,000 employees, realized that they needed to update the way that they communicated shift schedules to its thousands of frontline retail workers.

With MangoApps, schedules are now being communicated to a team of over 20,000 retail employees on a weekly basis. A.S. Watson Benelux is able to reach their youthful workforce in a mobile app format that is useful for them and doesn’t require a company email address.

Download this feature showcase to learn how switching to MangoApps allowed A.S. Watson Benelux to equip its frontline retail workers with an easy to access, dynamic scheduling system.

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