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A Solution For Digital Tool Access Across Thousands Of Health Systems

You plug into MangoApps and you’re now in any application in the company and you don’t have to log in again. That feature is phenomenal. It enhances not only day-to-day communication but also our ability to use other tools.

Tom Perrine

Chief Information Officer, TeamHealth



TeamHealth, a leading physician practice with over 23,000 employees, used to communicate with their employees mostly over email. They hadn’t quite figured out how to make mobile collaboration work—especially for clinicians—until they partnered with MangoApps.

With our platform, they’ve been able to sunset several costly tools and create a unified digital work hub where a single mobile app contains everything from training and policy information to SSO integrations with over 200 other applications.

Download this feature showcase to learn how switching to MangoApps empowered TeamHealth physicians with a unified mobile dashboard that had every tool they needed, accessible via SSO.

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