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Easily connect all of your employees regardless of role or location. MangoApps' mobile apps deliver rich mobile user experience that interchanges with the desktop experience.

Mobile Information Hub For Any Workforce

MangoApps for mobile team collaboration offers the same powerful Intranet for frontline employees as the ones who are in front of their PC. This provides a smart and easy-to-use information layer that connects multiple sources of news and information across the company.

News Feed and More For Mobile Employees

MangoApps brings team collaboration modules and features to any employee on the go. These employees get access to the news feed, private messages, projects, groups, and everything else the desktop users have access to.

Custom Status For Recent Activity

Setting a custom status is a great and unobtrusive way to let co-workers back in the office know any users current status on-the-road, without pushing a post or notification back to them.

Reach All Employees

Reach out to all employees, not just information workers. News Feed aggregates all information and updates from across an employee’s teams, on one screen, so they are always in the loop no matter where they are.

Replace Email For Private Messaging

Create focused one-to-one and one-to-few conversations directly from MangoApps mobile app with rich-text included. No need to remember email addresses, or wade through the distractions of an email inbox. Users send private messages from their mobile app to any employee, even a frontline or production worker with no email address. As with private messaging on web, users can also send and receive email messages to system approved internal or external email addresses.

Communicate and Manage Tasks On-The-Go

Work across multiple projects, and keep tasks in check by monitoring them in the mobile app. Share an update, ask a question, run a poll, or chat while getting tasks down. Anyone away from their desk remains connected and productive from anywhere.

Content Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Easily access work documents, presentations, and photos while on the go. Get to files when offline by quickly saving files for offline access so they are always available as needed. Users easily view the same files on mobile as they would on the desktop.

Real-Time Instant Messaging

MangoApps for mobile is the fastest way to be in touch with employees and chat with them, no matter where they are, across any device. It lets users quickly and securely connect with colleagues and teams to get the answers they need to get work done. When chats get distracting, users can swipe to mute chat notifications for a specified period or until unmuted.

Create, View, and Listen To Posts

Users can create, schedule, and share posts from the app with multiple teams, groups, departments, projects, or the company. Creating posts on mobile is easy, allowing users to quickly select their audience, add text, media, and files right from their mobile device. When viewing posts, users can filter by category or type, and voice-enabled posts can be listened to directly from the post or subscribed to as a podcast.

Company Posts Converted to Podcasts With Voice

Podcast enabled posts not only make it easier than ever to stay up to date with company news, announcements and newsletters, but allows various digest options fit the listening preference of your users. Users can subscribe to posts in Apple podcasts for listening on the go.

Company Posts Converted to Podcasts With Voice

Give Recognition To Colleagues and Teammates

Recognize employees, supervisors, teams, and specific teammates right from the mobile app. Endorse others for their strengths, while bringing each employee’s contributions to life. The awards are chosen from a pre-defined list of categories, include an image, and personal message.

Attach Files To News Feed, Replies, and Chat

Mobile users can attach files from their iPhone or Android device to any update, post, reply, private message or IM. On the latest versions of Android and iOS, multiple files can be attached at a time.

Rich Mobile Media Gallery

Rich Mobile Media Gallery

View, share and upload images, videos, audio, PDFs, and presentations in the media library right from the mobile app. Quickly filter by content type, sort, and access multiple views for quick on the go access to media. Shareable media links make it easy to share items in a team, or upload directly from the device’s camera or camera gallery.

Create, Edit, and Track Data

Users can create, edit, and add to existing trackers right from the mobile app. This means that collecting data or accessing important information can be done from anywhere, on any device.

Create and Edit Wikis

Create and Edit Wikis

MangoApps wikis are a great tool for capturing and sharing knowledge with other users and teams. Users can create, share, and discuss documents, ideas, meeting minutes, milestones, and project updates right from their mobile app. Knowledge and tactics often lost in emails, are captured and available in wikis for the whole project team to view from any device.

Share, Collaborate and Vote On Ideas

Idea campaigns give your company the power to brainstorm, empower employees, and create opportunities for valuable ideas to be heard across the organization. Users can create idea campaigns from the mobile app, or easily contribute to existing idea campaigns.

Create and View Calendar Events

Create and View Calendar Events

With the fully featured mobile calendar built right into MangoApps, users can create any type of event including custom events from the mobile app. When viewing, events can be filtered to display by category or type.

Celebrate Colleagues From Anywhere

Create and foster a healthy company culture while on the go. Users can interact and send best wishes to each other to celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, and more. Users will also see a full list of greetings given in the domain, along with comments and reactions.

View Your Notes From Anywhere

View, Author, Co-Edit and Share Notes From Anywhere

Users can create, view, share, and co-edit their notes, pinned notes, and notes shared with them within the mobile app. In addition to editing notes, users can add inline comments to any text selection, making it easy to call out necessary feedback or changes.

MangoApps Enhanced For iPad

The MangoApps for iPad app is enhanced to make the best use of iPad screen sizes, allowing users to do more with their device than a mobile phone. From enhanced dashboard views in multiple columns, and intuitive views across application modules, users get a rich and engaging experience from their iPad device.

100% Engagement With Posts to Private Message and SMS

100% Engagement With Posts to Private Message and SMS

Boosting posts ensures 100% engagement through private messages, email, and SMS. This allows post creators and admins to reach users who have not viewed an important post yet. Creators and admins can boost posts through private message, while only admins can boost through email and SMS.

Get Mobile Alerts of Urgent Communications

Catch users on the go and display important alerts on mobile devices through SMS, push notification, or displayed as an in-app popup. Alerts are used to communicate urgent time-sensitive or required information to the entire organization or specific teams, locations, departments, or project groups as events unfold.

Organize and Identify With Hashtags

Use hashtags on mobile attached to updates, polls, files and more, allowing them to be searched and followed by any user across the organization. Help break down communication barriers and allow participation across departments and teams.

Mobile-Friendly Content Translation

Automatic inline translation of updates, questions, posts, comments/replies and other user submitted content makes it easy to stay up to date in any language (to the user-selected profile language.)

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