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MangoApps vs. Email & Meetings

Most modern office workers spend too much of their time in meetings or reading email. With our collaboration
platform, you’ll be able to cut down on both, and complement them with better project tracking and follow through.
Here are some common issues that companies without modern collaboration tools face:

Whether you’re meeting in person or over video, meetings can change gears quickly.
It’s easy for ideas and action items to get lost in the flow of conversation.

How often do discussion items from meetings and emails turn into concrete action items that get done?
It varies from person to person and team to team, but even in the highest performing groups, something important will occasionally slip through the cracks unless there is a system in place tracking your progress.


MangoApps makes it easy for discussions to be turned into action items that can be added to your to-do list, assigned to different people, and tracked over time as they progress.
This simple functionality ensures that conversations become tangible tasks that are then completed. There are several different interactive ways to track and view tasks, and everything is designed for non-technical business users.

Without collaboration tools, individuals often do their work in the dark. This makes it difficult for any one person to get a complete picture of where a project stands.

Let’s say you come out of a team meeting, where you spent an hour getting everyone on the same page, and everyone leaves with a clear to-do list and starts chipping away at their tasks.
Hours or days later, is everyone still on the same page? It’s likely that some updates have been emailed around, but if you don’t have a workspace where projects are being tracked, you might require another meeting in order for everyone to be realigned and aware of all updates.


With MangoApps, you might not have needed the original team meeting in this case, and you definitely wouldn’t need the second. Our collaborative workspaces ensure that everyone sees each other’s work and can comment, offer feedback, plan, and check off tasks as they get done. The combination of execution and oversight improves the experience of both managers and contributors.
This visibility-centric approach reduces confusion, saves a ton of time, and ensures that everyone relevant sees roadblocks as they come up and can react quickly. The end result is that more projects get done faster.

Email and meetings are inherently exclusionary. Discussions are only
visible to the people included in them, leading to redundant work.

When you send an email or have a meeting, you might not think to include every single person who would benefit from being involved in the discussion, especially considering that future employees might want to see historical information to help inform their learning and decisions.
You can always forward an email thread, or record a meeting and share it somehow, but these solutions require active work and might not always happen, or happen in an organized manner. As a result, employees wind up redoing work that was already done elsewhere, wasting time.


With MangoApps, team collaboration happens out in the open, and is documented. Anyone who wants to reference a project can find it easily, and see all the past conversations and documents. Even if they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for, our advanced search functionality will turn up all relevant conversations and documents for even obscure or esoteric subjects.
Having open access to a searchable workspace ensures that your employees across teams and time can discover and build on each other’s work, instead of having to repeat it.

Email is inherently disruptive, and meetings tend to waste a lot of time,
as not everyone present needs to be included in every discussion.

If the bulk of your internal collaboration is happening over email, that means your employees need to wade through everything in their inbox to get to their important tasks and conversations. This can waste a ton of time, as most email providers have bad search and filtering functions. Pretty much every email inbox is a chaotic mess of spam and unrelated conversations.
With regards to meetings, it’s hard to find a balance of inclusion and productivity, whether you’re meeting in person or over the phone/video. Meetings can easily spiral into chit-chat, go off-topic, or turn into a long conversation that only requires input from a few of the people present, plus some other colleagues who aren’t present.
All of the above factors contribute to a lack of focus, which results in poor collaboration and inefficient teams.


MangoApps gives each employee the power to control their notifications. They can pick and choose the most important projects and groups, and get notified in a manner that suits them. This ensures a balance between being in the loop about the things they need to know immediately, and not being bombarded with information all day long.
Furthermore, visible projects and groups make it easy for employees to find and insert themselves into conversations on an as-needed basis, or tag colleagues who could provide relevant experience.
No one has to sit through a long meeting that is only tangentially relevant to them, and no one misses out on a conversation where they should have been included.
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