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Perfectly complement Microsoft 365 with MangoApps

Microsoft 365 customers often ask us how MangoApps works with Microsoft 365? What can MangoApps do that Microsoft 365 doesn’t? Here are some of the common gaps in Microsoft 365 that MangoApps fills and why you need both systems.

GAP #1

Not all employees need or have Microsoft 365

Office 365 is designed to increase the productivity of knowledge workers. It is not designed to connect 100% of the employee workforce. Hence, most companies in industries like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, pro-services, and more do not buy office365 for the majority of their employees. It is too costly and complex for what they need.

Connect 100% of your workforce

MangoApps is designed to connect 100% of your workforce and customized to exactly what you need.

Mobile-first, modern, company intranet

Give your business a mobile-first, modern, company intranet designed specifically to keep employees informed & engaged.

GAP #2

SharePoint is not a modern Intranet

At its core SharePoint is a content management system designed for storing documents. It doesn’t have the elements that are needed for an employee-centric company intranet. Also, it is plagued by high costs, frustrated users, and low engagement. See our article on why MangoApps is the most popular SharePoint alternative

GAP #3

Professional social networking functionality is isolated

Instead of social networking powering the underlying people network, there is little to no integration between Yammer and other O365 services. Overall, since the acquisition, Yammer features and functionality have not kept pace with the market.

Best-in-class professional social networking experience

MangoApps provides best-in-class professional social networking experience as people and relationships are at the core of the Mango platform

Employee engagement platform

As people are at the core of MangoApps engagement related capabilities are deeply integrated into the overall Employee experience

GAP #4

Microsoft 365 is not an employee engagement platform

Microsoft 365 is a productivity platform with great applications for spreadsheets, documents, email, and more. It doesn’t have the capabilities to be an effective employee engagement solution. Core features like employee rewards & recognitions, targeted polls & surveys, digital greetings that help you celebrate events are not present in Microsoft 365.

GAP #5

There is no employee training app

You either need to purchase an add-on software or rely on standalone LMS systems to enable training and learning management for your employees.

built-in LMS system

MangoApps fill this gap by providing a built-in LMS system designed for easy training and compliance.

Employee dashboards

MangoApps dashboard fills this gap by providing deep integration with Microsoft 365 and other enterprise services on an easily accessible dashboard

GAP #6

No dashboard that brings everything together

Microsoft 365 doesn't have a personalized dashboard that brings everything together for employees. This lack of a single place that allows the company to organizes the resources and surface relevant updates from across the enterprise, leaves employees feeling disorganized.

GAP #7

No good way to find and learn about co-workers

Microsoft Office does't have a Directory app. So, there isn't a good way to manage detailed employee profiles, org-charts and more for company-wide access.

Fastest way to locate and learn about co-workers.

Mango Directory is like an internal LinkedIn for your employees. It is the fastest way to locate and learn about co-workers


MangoApps enables you to create a differentiated, brandable, experience to help you create company’s culture and brand among employees.

GAP #8

Office 365 is not a brandable umbrella company app

Without a company app that brings everything together for employees, it is very difficult to create a consistent and differentiated experience for your employees. A simple, streamlined app controlled by you that employees can start their day with and rally around.

GAP #9

Complimentary platform strategy helps you move fast

Having a second platform that is complementary to Microsot 365 gives you options as your requirements evolve. Trying to do anything custom on the Microsoft 365 platform can easily blow up your budget and timelines.

Agile employee platform

As MangoApps is fully customizable and all custom development is done in-house, we can help you move fast and support the custom needs of your business

How MangoApps Helps

MangoApps for Office 365 brings modern portal features to help Office 365 customers create central information, communication, and collaboration hub for employees.

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Microsoft 365 Integration Highlights

In addition to filling the gaps with MangoApps' native functionality, MangoApps also integrates deeply with Microsoft 365 services. This enables you to create one central place that both desk and frontline workers can use as their digital workplace home.

Widgetpack Brings Microsoft Services to the Dashboard

Our Microsoft 365 widget pack allows you to add popular 365 services to your MangoApps dashboard to help create a central hub for employees.

O365 App Widgetpack

Sharepoint & OneDrive

Search and add Sharepoint & One Drive files to updates, posts, wikis, etc in MangoApps

Viewing & Co-Authoring Documents

All Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files stored in MangoApps can be viewed right in the browser. Users can also create, edit, and co-edit Office documents directly in MangoApps. File locking and version management are automatically managed by MangoApps, ensuring that working with Office is easy and users always have access to important content.

Azure AD Users Profiles

Azure AD Groups and Users Profiles

Synchronize your Azure AD Groups and users' profiles data with your Azure AD automatically.

Microsoft Azure Platform

Run MangoApps on Microsoft Azure

Private cloud deployments of MangoApps are optimized to run on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform ensuring you benefit from all the cutting-edge performance, reliability, security and compliance services Microsoft Azure offers.

Login using Office 365 or ADFS

Enterprise social networking 365 MangoApps connector enables organizations to use Enterprise social networking 365 as a Single-Sign-On provider. This ability allows employees to login into MangoApps using their existing Office account credentials.

You can also use MangoApps integration with ADFS so your employees can use their existing login credentials to access MangoApps through SSO

Azure AD Users Profiles

Bring your frontline and office teams together on one common platform

It has never been this easy to create the perfect employee experience for your deskless and deskbound workers. Contact us to discuss requirements, pricing, rollout and support. Get your free demo today!
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