A Branded Company App that Brings Everything Together

MangoApps for Office 365 allows you to add rich Intranet features for internal communication, powerful employee engagement capabilities, personalized dashboard for centralized access to resources and built-in project management tools for teamwork while providing seamless user experience with Office 365 apps your employees rely on.

Core O365 Platform Integrations

Get the most from your investment with MangoApps deep-level integration with Azure's AD users profiles & Azure AD groups. The creation and de-provisioning of users is easy and efficient, reducing IT burden and ensuring all profile data is current and correct.

Azure AD Users Profiles

Synchronize users profiles data with your Azure AD to automatically keep up-to-date information

Azure AD Groups

Synchronize your Azure AD Groups and combine them into new MangoApps groups

Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS)

Using MangoApps integration with ADFS your employees can use their existing login credentials to access MangoApps through SSO

Login using Office 365 (SSO)

Microsoft Office 365 MangoApps connector enables organization to use Microsoft Office 365 as a Single Sign-On provider. This ability allows employees to login into MangoApps using their existing Office account credentials

Rich O365 Apps Integrations

From accessing files in OneDrive and SharePoint, to co-authoring Word, Powerpoint & Excel documents, to viewing power BI dashboards on your intranet, MangoApps lets you do it all from one, unified digital workplace.

Quick Links to Office 365 Apps

Single click access from MangoApps dashboard to all your Office 365 Apps

Sharepoint & OneDrive

Search and add Sharepoint & One Drive files to updates, posts, wikis etc in MangoApps

Viewing & Co-Authoring Documents

All Word, PowerPoint and Excel files stored in MangoApps can be viewed right in the browser. Users can also create, edit, and co-edit Office documents directly in MangoApps. File locking and version management are automatically managed by MangoApps, ensuring that working with Office is easy and users always have access to important content.

Power BI Dashboards

Get easy visibility of your critical dashboards and analytics from within your MangoApps, embedding them onto the employees dashboard, team page or company page.

Call with Skype for Business

Call using Skype for Business from MangoApps Web IM bar. MangoApps enable users to locate colleagues in the People Directory, then chat and launch audio and video calls using Skype for Business client on your PC.

Run MangoApps on Microsoft Azure

Private cloud deployments of MangoApps are optimized to run on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform ensuring you benefit from all the cutting-edge performance, reliability, security and compliance services Microsoft Azure offers.

Microsoft Azure Platform

Don't have Office 365 licenses for some employees? We've got you covered

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Your entire workforce is connected, whether they have an Office 365 license or not. Users who have Office 365 licenses can create & edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents online directly inside MangoApps web browser environment. Users without Office 365 licenses can still view seamlessly the office documents online in the browser and mobile.

Perfectly Compliment O365 to Create a Powerful Employee Platform

MangoApps for Office 365 perfectly complements Office 365 and fills the gaps in Office 365 to give you everything you need to create a complete digital workplace experience for your employees.

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