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Case Study

How An Adaptable Intranet Can Transform A Unique Workplace

Learn how Wildlife Trusts utilized MangoApps to facilitate collaboration and connect its employee network

MangoApps actually doubled the amount of communications that we’ve seen as a movement and it’s put an awful lot of people in touch with each other who otherwise wouldn’t have been. [Personally] I like the powerful search feature, combined with the newsfeed as well. It lets me keep in touch with everything that’s going on throughout the movement.
- Andrew Rushton, Intranet & ICT Project Officer, Wildlife Trusts

Wildlife Trusts Case Study

Wildlife Trusts, a nonprofit organization that works to provide information about wildlife and bring people closer to nature, needed to replace their outdated Intranet system to fix communication and collaboration issues across their 46 UK branches.
Thus, Wildlife Trusts sought out an adaptable, intuitive, and modern intranet solution to solve these issues. After extensive research of other intranet platforms, Wildlife Trusts adopted MangoApps for its balanced structure, platform adaptability, and accommodating customer service.
In this case study, you will learn how Wildlife Trusts used MangoApps to:
1.Facilitate communication and collaboration on collective projects across different trusts
2.Organize employees into groups and teams
3.Improve and enhance current operations through open discussion threads
And more!
Download this case study to get a better understanding of how MangoApps helped Wildlife Trusts transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and share information.
How An Adaptable Intranet Can Transform A Unique Workplace

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More Quotes From Wildlife Trusts Case Study
"I find [MangoApps] really intuitive because it’s got a bit of a social media feel to it... It’s easy to get used to it, even if you’ve never used a platform like that before. Our old intranet was quite difficult and not very user-friendly, so this has been a real shift for us."
- Leanne Manchester, Senior Communications Officer
"The other thing is that [MangoApps is] constantly being developed, so we’ve seen a lot of new features and new functionality added to the system since we initially implemented. [It] gives us some assurances that we’re not going to be in the same position we were with the old platform where it got outdated and our users lost interest and started moving to other systems."
- Tim Middlecote, Head of ICT