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Course Management

Online course builder & content management

Our built-in authoring tool helps you create engaging multimedia courses from scratch or by import.

Instructor-led training (ILT & vILT)

Use MangoApps to coordinate and deliver instructor-led courses, over video or in-person.

Curriculum creation & management

Transform your organization’s learning goals into an actionable training program, with prerequisite courses, completion criteria, and traversal rules.

Customized learning paths

Course prerequisites make it possible to define learning paths that help users navigate your course offering.

SCORM & xAPI compliant

Import your SCORM & xAPI approved lessons and courses for easy set-up.

Course assignment automation

Courses can be assigned in bulk and based on triggers like calendar dates or time since joining.

Learner assignment & management

Compulsory courses hold assigned users accountable to compliance requirements, and courses can be recommended based on roles and skills.

Class enrollment management

Flexible enrollment makes it easy for instructors to manage multiple ILT sessions.

Catalog management

Limit each course’s visibility to the teams or locations that need it, so every user sees the training that’s relevant to them.

Multiple content types support

Appeal to all learning styles with text, video, images, audio, and quizzes integrated into the same lessons

Bulk actions

Change permissions and assignments in bulk to save time and make course administration more manageable.

Pre-built templates

Pre-built templates make it easy to design new courses without coding or design experience.

Learner Portal

Personalized learner home page

Each user gets a home page with assigned and recommended courses, progress, and due dates.

Course catalog

Courses are organized by category and searchable by keywords, location, and custom taxonomies.

Self-paced courses

Module-based video and text courses with quizzes allow each user to learn at their own pace.

Instructor-led courses

ILT and vILT courses allow learners to engage with instructors in real-time and get feedback

Blended learning with curriculums

Self-led and instructor-led courses can be seamlessly integrated to create a diverse, engaging curriculum.

Recommended personalized learning

Each user gets tailored course recommendations based on their interests and role.

Social learning in groups

Community features like reviews, ratings, and Q&A let learners interact with each other and improve their experience.

Built-in assessment with quizzes

Built-in quizzes make it easy to ensure learning comprehension and meet compliance requirements.

Ongoing compliance

Track compliance and re-assign courses when certification needs to be renewed.

Instructor tools

Instructors can edit their courses, manage learners, and see data insights that help them improve.

Question & answers

On the course information page, users and instructors can ask and answer questions related to the material.

Reviews & ratings

Feedback from learners helps instructors and admins improve the course offering and guides future learners to the best courses for them.

Action center & to-do integration

Learning to-dos appear alongside other goals and agenda items in MangoApps’ productivity tools.

Learner profile

Dynamic profiles make it easy to get information about learners and track their progress.

Gamification with points & badges

In addition to certifications, motivate learners with points, levels, and badges for moving through the course material.

Audience-based portals

Separate portals for employees, customers, and the public can be created, so everyone sees what is relevant to them.

Mobile Learning

A rich mobile learning experience

Our Training solution is fully mobile-integrated, so learners can access material from wherever they are

Push notifications & reminders

Reminders ensure that deadlines are met and content is consumed.

iOS & Android company-branded apps

Our apps are branded to your company to give your learners a seamless experience.

Certificates & Transcripts

Certificate creation & design

You have full control over certificate design, with dynamic elements and attractive visuals.

Certification management

Our fully fleshed out certification system ensures that you have all the tools you need for certifications.

Learner transcripts

Each learner gets a transcript that makes it easy to tell which courses they have completed.


Certificates can expire and require re-certification where necessary for compliance, and users will see notifications and be re-enrolled when applicable.

Insights, Tracking & Reporting

Actionable learning insights

Clear, extensive reporting makes it easy to spot problems and take informed action on user progress, course metrics, and business indicators.

Customizable reports

Build reports that show you all the information you need with no clutter

Learner progress tracking

Get an overhead view of learner progress or see specifics on each learner, so you have a clear idea of the current status.

xAPI statements log

xAPI statements are logged, so your company’s learning records are standardized for use elsewhere

Enterprise Ready


Rest-based APIs communicate with your learning portal and get the data you need.


We have an in-built standard-based authentication & authorization management system and support all leading identity management (SAML, OAuth, etc.).


MangoApps’ wide variety of integrations make it easy to move your data back and forth with other enterprise systems.

Custom admin roles

Flexible admin roles make it easy to split up the duties and keep things organized.

Branded & white-labeled

Your learning portal can be turned into a modern public web page, and branding/theming is available for the portal and mobile apps.

Multi-language support

MangoApps supports over 50 languages with automatic content translation out of the box.

Accessibility & compliance

HIPAA compliance is available on a private cloud, and we are GDPR ready. Videos have CC titles, and we conform to WCAG-2 requirements.

Enterprise-grade reliability & security

Our extensive security features and options ensure that your data stays secure and all your needs are met.

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Transform your business with a cloud-based training platform that is powerful, intuitive, affordable, and mobile friendly. Your employees are the lifeblood of your business, and a strong training program is the best way to invest in their longterm success, and make them feel valued enough to stick around for the long haul.
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