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Deliver Rich Experiences

Whether onboarding or training, a strong platform is the difference between a frustrating learning experience and a career-defining moment

Make Your Team Stronger

An employee with mentors and ongoing learning sees a path forward in their career and stays engaged with their work

Keep Learning On Track

As your team learns, valuable custom data and user feedback will empower you to make decisions. Your training system will grow and improve along side your organization

Trust Us

Hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide use MangoApps to drive their digital transformation.

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All Use Cases

Employee Onboarding & Orientation

Implementing Mentorship Programs
Knowledge Capture & Retention
Mandatory Compliance Training

Employee, Customer & Partner Training

Goal-Oriented Learning for Employee Growth

Designed for
the needs of the Healthcare Industry

Mango LMS is a robust learning management system designed
to help you maintain HIPAA compliance and to keep your training
organized, efficient, and on-track.
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Mango Training is the perfect learning solution for any organization looking to build an engaged team of thinkers and doers. Business growth and personal growth have never been so well-aligned, and both start with learning.
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