Use MangoApps as Your SSO Provider

MangoApps offers a native built-in Modern Identity Management (SSO) to authenticate users to all 3rd party cloud, and on-premise applications. This feature comes pre-shipped with a number of pre-integrated applications, and includes an easy wizard to allow admins to add and configure any other apps. Learn more


MangoApps SSO through Microsoft's Active Directory delivers centralized user administration and access control without exposing user passwords outside of the secure identity management system.

SAML Based Services

MangoApps integrates with almost all available SAML 2.0 SSO and IAM services to provide a safe, effective and secure experience. We regularly work with Okta, PingOne, Centrify, OneLogin, ADFS and more.

SSO using Office365

Microsoft Office 365 integration enables employees to use Office 365 as a Single Sign-On provider. This integration makes it easy for users to sign in to MangoApps through their existing Office account.

SSO using GoogleApps

SSO through GoogleApps is another fantastic option. This secure integration provides users with full access to MangoApps through their GoogleApps account information.

Custom SSO

Custom SSO enables single sign-on ability between MangoApps and another authentication system. This method is typically used when company authentication systems don’t support standard SSO options.

How Our Customers Use Single Sign-On (SSO)

  1. 1
    Utilize programs already in place for easy sign-on access
  2. 2
    Create custom SSO to work with nontraditional authentication systems
  3. 3
    Improve employee engagement by providing a secure and uninterrupted experience
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