Single Sign-On Provider

Microsoft Office 365 Connector enables employees to use Microsoft Office 365 as a Single Sign-On provider. This ability allows users to integrate their existing Office account easily into MangoApps and utilize it as a convenient way to access the program.

In-Browser Document View

All Word, PowerPoint and Excel files stored within MangoApps can be viewed right in the browser without losing formatting or downloading the file. This process happens automatically, and users do not need to login to Office 365 or purchase any additional licenses.

Search Spreadsheets Online

Content and even specific cell information in Excel sheet can also be searched for in the MangoApps browser view. This quick and simple search-ability makes information easily accessible without having to open Excel or download the file.

Create and Edit Office Files

Users can create, edit, and co-edit Office documents directly in MangoApps. File locking and version management are automatically managed by MangoApps, ensuring that working with Office is easy and users always have access to important content.

Microsoft Office Dashboard Widgets

Incorporate Office 365 content into your MangoApps dashboard, so your Outlook email, Outlook tasks, SharePoint sites, Teams channels, and more can be visible alongside all the other tools you use.

Additional Microsoft Office 365 Connector Features

Connecting Is Easy
Enabling Microsoft Office 365 Connector is straightforward and easy. Admins only need to access the admin interface and provide a few configuration details.
Changes in Real Time
Comments, discussions, new documents and edits all sync are processed in real time, making it easy to collaborate with coworkers and keeping everyone up-to-date.
Comprehensive History
Office information stored in MangoApps includes end-to-end access history, allowing IT teams to track all user activity and changes made to documents, files or folders.
Work On Any Device
Office 365 integration works seamlessly on any device, letting users create, access or edit documents from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

How Our Customers Use Microsoft Office 365 Connector

  1. 1
    Create, edit and manage important documents from a centralized location
  2. 2
    Make collaboration with coworkers easier through accessible files and real-time updates
  3. 3
    Work with information in context by sharing documents within a team or project space
  4. 4
    Update or access information from anywhere and on any device.

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