Widget and App-Based Integrations

Custom app and widget integration allow users to effortlessly incorporate external web pages and systems right into MangoApps. Apps and widgets can be added to a personal dashboard, company intranet or team page, making important external services available anywhere.

WebHook Based Integrations

WebHook based service integration offer users a simple way to post external messages into MangoApps. Being able to easily post and share external messages within MangoApps keeps information location consistent in easily accessible, regardless of how it was originally received.

MangoApps OpenAPI Based Integrations

MangoApps Open APIs let developers and admins create a custom experience designed to meet their specific needs. APIs can also securely access all domain data using familiar, easy-to-use RESTful interfaces, providing admins with information for data mining, archiving, and analysis.

MangoApps Developed Custom Integrations

MangoApps understands that companies often have unique needs and offers clients in-house custom integration development. This allows us to provide high quality and personalized products and also provide ongoing support and enhancements.

How Our Customers Use Custom Integrations

  1. 1
    Build a customized MangoApps with OpenAPI’s
  2. 2
    Personalize dashboards, Intranets and Team Pages
  3. 3
    Securely access, archive and analyze domain data
  4. 4
    Solve unique needs with in-house designed custom integration

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