4 ways to easily extend MangoApps

As company systems and day-to-day processes are unique, there is always something that we don’t quite have yet. We understand and appreciate those needs. That is why we have designed both the MangoApps platform and our processes in a way that adding custom integrations is part of our normal deployment process.

MangoApps Custom Integrations

1. Widget & Apps Based Integrations

Custom widgets allow admins (& users) using the logged-in user’s identity to integrate with external systems like billing, timekeeping etc., and bring in information from these systems into MangoApps. Widgets are easy to use pieces of code that you can copy and paste right into your dashboard, intranet or team page. They work like a mini application that you can use to bring in dynamic information from external services or systems.

Use custom applications to give users access to webpages without leaving MangoApps. The custom application web pages are basically iFrame elements that have a link for all users to follow from the “Apps” -> “Custom Apps” menu. Some examples of custom apps may include.

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2. WebHook Based Integrations

MangoApps WebHook based service integration provides a simple way to post messages from external sources into MangoApps. This is an incoming web hook that makes use of normal HTTP requests with a JSON payload which includes the message.

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3. MangoApps OpenAPI Based Integrations

Using MangoApps Open APIs developers and domain admins can extend MangoApps and create a custom web, desktop, or mobile app to meet requirements of their business.

These APIs can also securely access all domain data using familiar, easy-to-use RESTful interfaces. This simple integration enables domain administrators to access content generated and stored in MangoApps by their users for data mining, archiving, and analysis using tools already in use within the company.

The MangoApps Open API’s are part of the super set of MangoApps REST architecture that powers the MangoApps Platform.

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4. Custom Integrations Developed by MangoApps

Unlike others, who either make false promises to close a sale and never deliver, or have a take it or leave it attitude, we embrace your custom integration needs. We do all MangoApps custom development in-house, which allows us to not only guarantee quality and timeliness but also ongoing support and enhancements. In addition, our platform architecture ensures that future version upgrades are quick and seamless.

Whether integration is with other enterprise systems or with an in-house system, let us know what you have in mind and we would be happy to discuss.

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