Two-Way Integration

Configuring a Box account with MangoApps enables documents and files to be automatically uploaded and synced across both programs. This two-way integration makes sharing and storing files convenient, accessible to everyone and lets users work with files however they prefer.

Any Platform Access

Two-way integration between MangoApps and Box is available across all MangoApps platforms. Users can easily access, edit, sync, and update information from a PC, Mac, tablet, mobile device and more, giving them the freedom to work wherever and whenever they need.

MangoApps + Box Security

All files shared and uploaded anywhere in MangoApps from any of its clients are stored only on Box. This means users get the ease that comes with accessing files in MangoApps while maintaining the file retention and compliance that they already have with Box.

Adding Context With Documents and Files

Syncing documents and files within MangoApps makes working with information easier by putting it into the context of the team, department or project where it belongs.

How Our Customers Use Box Connector

  1. 1
    Securely share and store information in both MangoApps and Box
  2. 2
    Easily access and update information on desktop, mobile or any other device.
  3. 3
    Keep information automatically in-sync in both Box and MangoApps
  4. 4
    Work with documents and files easier with consistent document viewing
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