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Revolutionizing The Workspace For All Hospitality Employees

Discover how MangoApps enhances internal communication for your entire organization.

Ditch the Walkie-talkies

Ditch the Walkie-talkies

Make it easy for operational workers and management to communicate with each other, regardless of their physical location.
  • Mobile apps, downloadable on personal or company phones, allow you to reach workers wherever they are and give them important updates
  • Send important messages without the added cost of an email account for every staff member
  • Enable instant two-way communication with anyone regardless of where they are, to ensure that messages are received, understood, and carried out
  • Automatic translation into dozens of languages ensures that your messages are understood

Hands-off Onboarding

Training courses supplement hands-on instruction and are easy to import, create, and deploy.
  • Personalize the onboarding process for each staff member with different formats (multimedia, self-paced, instructor-led, live courses) to suit diverse styles of learning
  • Track employees’ progress with certificates and automated alerts to make sure no one is left behind or put out on the floor without proper training
Hands-off Onboarding
Extinguish Burnout

Extinguish Burnout

Constantly being on call or working long, thankless hours can be exhausting—increase employee satisfaction to reduce turnover.
  • Informal workspaces and group chats give your hard-working employees a place to connect and share their thoughts
  • Show appreciation for all that your staff do for guests with a recognition and rewards program
  • Employee sentiment surveys give you insights that keep you ahead of potential issues

Renovate Workflow Processes

Revamp operational tasks to empower operational employees to work efficiently
  • Transform task-based collaboration with tracking spreadsheets to save time and streamline work fluency
  • Automate repeatable business processes to minimize margins of error and increase task completion for all workers
Renovate Workflow Processes
Mobilize Your Enterprise

Mobilize Your Enterprise

Effective work can be done anywhere, anytime with our mobile platform.
  • Connect workers from every location with our fully functional app to maximize efficiency of all employees regardless of their computer accessibility
  • Simplify the operational process for operational staff members with the mobile app to allow for easy access for your workers
  • Keep managers and non-operational staff in the loop when they are on the go or working remotely

File Organization

Develop a well-arranged, secure database to collect and store company information and files all on one centralized platform.
  • Create interactive forms for workers that convert to easy-to-read spreadsheets for error-free, streamlined requests and information gathering
  • Give every employee an organized repository of policies and information, reducing questions through self-serve HR and IT content
File Organization

Break free from legacy systems and move forward faster with MangoApps.

A unified employee experience saves employees time, improves workplace efficiency and agility.

Modern Employee Experience Solution
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