Web-Based Administration

MangoApps’ comprehensive administration features are built to make management easy. We help admins organize and run their networks effectively so all employees can enjoy a safe, collaborative and effective environment.

  • Establish sharing permissions, set your time zone, and make other global changes across your entire network
  • Reset passwords, change emails, remove users, and make other changes to manage specific users
  • Understand every aspect of the employee experience with detailed user engagement reports and analytics
  • Enable or disable modules in MangoApps at any time, creating the perfect environment for every occasion
Web-Based Administration

Configurable Admin Settings

Admins have the power to make global changes to their MangoApps network, as well as manage individual users with ease.

  • Disable/enable different modules with the flip of a switch
  • Establish what goes on the company dashboard, navigation bar, and more
  • Configure permission settings for specific users or teams

Branding & Customization

Incorporate your company’s logo, themes, and unique branding into every aspect of MangoApps.

  • Create different themes for business units/subsidiaries using a conditional branding framework
  • Create customized branding for the mobile app & homescreen logo
  • Customize content, widgets, and profiles as per your company branding guidelines
Web-Based Administration

Customizable Templates

Create content with dozens of templates for every single kind of content in the app. Select any of the 20+ tracker templates available, or design it from scratch.

UX Personalization

Both admins and users can personalize the user interface of the domain, including: the navigation bar, quick links, landing pages, newsfeed, notifications, channels, and more. Restrictions can be set by the admin to prevent users from changing settings, if needed.

ROI & Analytics

Gain important insight into the usage, adoption, and user engagement of your MangoApps domain.

  • Detailed content analytic reports are available to see views, comments, downloads and more
  • Gain clarity on your company’s ROI with detailed graphs and reports
  • Clearly view a breakdown of high, moderate, and non-engaged employees

Usage Reports

Generate comprehensive usage reports detailing user activities, hashtag usage, and more. Team reports can be generated to provide deeper insights into team data, content statistics, and page view info. Usage reports are available to be shared with specific users and teams.

Customizable User Onboarding & Help Guide

Streamline your user onboarding by creating custom getting started videos, customizing the user portal help menu, creating a user-startup wizard, and more. Help guides for different platforms, modules, and roles are available online.

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