MangoApps Trackers safely and securely collect information from forms created in MangoApps. Trackers allow employees to organize and analyze form information, helping them find and make the most of their data.

  1. Safely collect and store data from all of your forms created in MangoApps in one centralized location
  2. Establish a secure, centralized, and modern database for easy data maintenance and management
  3. Utilize powerful search features to find, share, modify, access, or use your data however you need
  4. Quickly export tracker data into a variety of different formats for easy internal or external sharing

Automate Your Business Workflows

Collect information from forms and populate it into interactive, automated spreadsheets.

  • Search, share, modify, or use the data in a number of ways
  • Data can be imported into the tracker from Excel, Google Sheets, Forms, or a CSV
  • Permissions can be applied to determine who can edit/view the tracker

Secure Data Collection With Forms

Custom forms make it easy to collect information from anyone, saved directly into the tracker. Forms are easy to create with fields that can be named, described, or rearranged, and can even be assigned default values or set to required.

Quickly Create A Tracker

Create trackers from scratch with a simple drag and drop functionality, or use one of the 20+ templates that cover a wide range of uses from time tracking, to payroll, to customer tracking, and more.

View Trackers In The Mobile App

Users can create, edit, and add to existing trackers right from the mobile app. This means that collecting data or accessing important information can be done from anywhere, on any device.

Data Uploader

Import data from any enterprise system (CSV, MS Excel, or Google Sheet) directly into a tracker. Data Uploader can be automated to periodically sync data at a configured schedule.

Card & Multi-card View

View tracker data in a new way with Card View. Cards can be customized as per requirement of the tracker data, and can be displayed on the dashboard as a widget.


Shared tables data can be viewed as customizable bar charts & line charts. Chart views can be added to dashboard, company, and team pages.

Stay Compliant

To ensure collected data is clean and clear, tracker fields can be set to require or specify a valid acceptance range. Track items and compliance checklists with capabilities such as locking or archiving rows, export capabilities, and immediate change notifications.

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