Stay Organized and On Task

All tasks, across multiple projects are integrated in MangoApps in one place. Users always stay focused because priorities across multiple projects remain clear and organized. Easily create tasks from the universal compose dialog, grab tasks from the project pool, or work on assigned tasks.

Keep Projects In Control

Projects stay in check with due dates, conversations, files, checklists, and time-logs for each task, all in one place. Staying on task becomes even easier with all important task information and dates accessible anytime on any iOS or Android device.

Filtering and Sorting

Make it easier to find and view any subset of tasks easier and faster with filtering and sorting functionality. Sort by sequence, due date, or priority. Filters drill down by task status, type, priority level, or specific projects.

Categorize Tasks Into Milestones

Milestones help users manage tasks against specific checkpoints and project goals. They add structure and help with release management to keep projects on track.

Task Workflow To Carry Projects Forward

Tasks have a logical flow and change state as work progresses. Marking a task as started indicates that it is being actively worked on. Tasks then move through steps from finished to delivered, and are then able to go to a customer or approver for acceptance or rejection.

Manage Milestone Health

Ensure that projects are delivered on time by having a daily check on the next milestone’s health. Set up what the parameters of milestones and never lose sight of their status. Re-assign work as needed, add resources, and re-prioritize to keep milestones in order.

Break Big Tasks Into Smaller Checklists

Checklists to break down big tests into smaller to-dos. The checklist with each task lets users break big chunks of work into easily digestible smaller items that are easy to attack, track, and complete.

Task Summary Report To PDF

Output a tabular report of all tasks based on filtering requirements. Exporting to PDF makes it great for sharing with customers or outside groups when detailed visibility of tasks is required.

Additional Tasks and Milestones Features

Customize Task Language To Match Teams
Streamline the process and gain visibility into task types or priority of tasks. Users and admins create their own vocabulary to match how teams work.
Get Notified Of Tasks As They Are Assigned
Users get updates on project tasks that they are responsible completing, or if they are an approver.
Bulk Update Tasks
As work is broken down and organized into multiple tasks, a user can add a bulk of them together into the project pool. Simply pasting the details of each task in its own row in the text box will create them in sequence.
Recurring Tasks
Tasks that will happen every couple of days or every week/month, or otherwise regular schedule can be set as recurring at the necessary cadence, or until a defined end date.

How Our Customers Use Tasks and Milestones

  1. 1
    Stay organized and on track with projects and milestones
  2. 2
    Make big projects into manageable and collaborative experiences
  3. 3
    Work on tasks based on their importance, due date, or other signifiers
  4. 4
    Manage task workflows to ensure that projects stay healthy and on track
  5. 5
    Export task lists and status’ to PDF for sharing with customers or stakeholders

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