Task Management

MangoApps Task Management keeps projects organized and on track. Our powerful task management tools help users create milestones, delegate assignments, break down tasks, and track projects to completion.

  1. Stay organized and on task with detailed task tracking, managing all of your assignments in one space
  2. Take on assignments effectively by breaking large tasks down into manageable milestones and checkpoints
  3. Keep tasks on track with access to their due dates, conversations, files, checklists, and time-logs
  4. Manage overall project progress and adapt tasks right away with detailed milestone health reports
  5. Export tasks into a detailed PDF for easy offline viewing or sharing task and milestones externally
  6. Establish recurring tasks, ensuring regular projects and obligations never fall through the cracks

Distribute & Oversee Action Items

Delegate tasks, break down assignments, and get both high-level and granular views of your projects. Our deep task management feature set can fit into any team’s workflow.

  • Manage project progress with overviews of the work being done over time
  • Automate approvals and notify coworkers within tasks to save time
  • Establish recurring tasks so regular deliverables stay on track

Stay Organized

All tasks, across multiple projects are integrated in one place. Users always stay focused because priorities across multiple projects remain clear and organized.

Keep Projects On Track

Make sure projects stay on track with due dates, conversations, files, checklists, and time-logs for each task, all in one place.

Filtering & Sorting

Quickly find and view any subset of tasks with advanced filtering and sorting. Filters drill down by task status, type, priority level, or specific projects.

Task Workflows

Tasks have a logical flow and change state as work progresses. Marking a task as ‘started’ indicates that it is being actively worked on. Tasks then move through steps from finished to delivered.


Milestones help with release management to keep projects on track. Ensure that projects are delivered on time by keeping up to date with a milestone’s health status & using daily check-ins.


Use checklists within a task to break down big chunks of work into smaller items that are easier to track and complete.

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