Remote Screen Sharing

Instant screen sharing to provide support or present to participants on any device

  • Provide A Centralized Location
  • Train Employees
  • Share & View Large Files
  • Stay Organized
  • Securely Share Links
Remote Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing For All Employees

Give your users the ability to share their screen and audio with other participants to enhance communication, collaboration, and support.

  • Replace in-person meetings and conversations
  • Connect remote employees without needing to travel to discuss face to face
  • View screen shares remotely with iOS & Android devices in their mobile browser

Easy To Launch

Users can initiate screen sharing with ease by launching a session from the compose dropdown on web and desktop, or from within the module.

Share Entire Desktop View

Presenters can share their entire desktop view, or limit the presentation to a single application window.

Remote Screen Sharing

Quickly Join A Screen Share

Participants of a MangoApps screen share can join without the hassle of installing applications or creating user accounts. Users simply click or visit the shared link to join.

External Users Supported

If public screen sharing is enabled, participants who are not registered to MangoApps can still be included in screen sharing sessions. External users can share their screen as needed.

Usage Logs

Admins have access to logs for viewing the domain or user’s monthly usage, available online and for download.

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