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Screen Sharing For All Employees

Screen sharing is no longer limited to just sales or support staff. Give all of your users the ability to share their screen and audio with up to 2 other participants to enhance communication, collaboration, and support.

Replace In-Person Meetings and Conversations

With screen sharing, local or remote employees alike are able to quickly and easily present their screen at any time, without needing to book a meeting room or travel to present face-to-face.

Save On Costly User Licenses

For users that only need light or occasional access to screen sharing for internal/external use, avoid paying costly 3rd party enterprise subscription fees and reserve those seats for users with more demanding needs.

Easily Launch Instant Screen Sharing

Users initiate screen sharing with ease by launching a session from the compose dropdown on web and desktop, or from within the module. The presenter will then select the window or application to present and share the URL with anyone inside or outside of the company.

Share The Full Desktop or Application Window

Presenters have the option to share their entire desktop view, or limit the presentation to a single application window. Not only does this allow for the most clear and concise presentation, but also removes distractions and maintains user privacy.

Joining a Screen Share With Ease

Participants of a MangoApps screen share join without the hassle of installing applications or creating user accounts. Internal users simply click or visit the share link to join, while external users do the same with the addition of simply being asked to provide their full name. Admins can also enable auto-join, which automatically initiates joining of an internal user when the invite link is sent.

Remote Screen Share Viewing on Mobile

Users can remotely view MangoApps screen shares on both iOS & Android devices in their mobile browser. This also includes the ability to get audio alongside screen sharing, and view active participants.

External Screen Sharing Supported

Screen sharing sessions can included participants who are not registered to MangoApps or not currently logged in, if the domain admin has enabled public screen sharing. External users can also share their screen as needed.

View Screen Share History

In the screen share module, users can view a list of all screen shares that they have organized or participated in.

Usage Summary and Logs

Administrators have access to logs for viewing the domain or user’s monthly usage, available online and for download. By default all domains get a total of 1800 minutes per month, with un-used minutes expiring at the end of the month.

Collaborate On a Bigger Scale or With Larger Teams

MangoApps Huddle, allows users to integrate online meetings making it easy to do a desktop sharing session, or a video/audio meeting with project teams, groups, and events. By integrating with GoToMeeting or Join.Me services, sales presentations, and customer service resolutions happen all directly inside MangoApps

Additional Screen Sharing Features

Auto Mute Audio
Users can automatically set their audio to muted when joining a screen share session
Auto Copy Screen Share URL
Presenters can have the presentation URL automatically copied to their clipboard when initiating a screen share.
Enable or Disable Screen Sharing as Needed
Like any other core MangoApps module, screen sharing can be turned on or off, and added to the primary navigation based on the needs of the company.
Auto Join Screen Shares
Domain admins have the ability to enable auto-join for all users. When enabled a screen share session is joined automatically by the participant when a link is shared with them.

How Our Customers Use Screen Sharing

  1. 1
    Allow all users to share their screen without a 3rd party account or integration
  2. 2
    Replace meetings and avoid schedule conflicts by screen sharing quickly on the fly
  3. 3
    Show issues or bugs live to the right audience for quicker resolutions
  4. 4
    Allow other users both internal and external to share their screen
  5. 5
    View anyone’s screen on the go by using any mobile device

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