Resource Booking System

Set up reservable meeting rooms and company equipment as part of your company calendar.

  1. Keep better track of equipment like printers, laptops, and fax machines
  2. Ensure that company resources can meet demand
  3. Get data on room and equipment usage, and make informed investment decisions
  4. Tie rooms and equipment to calendar events to reduce complexity and confusion
  5. Keep track of who needs resources and when

Resource Booking System

Reserve Resources For Meetings

When creating a meeting or event in the MangoApps calendar, you can see what rooms or resources are available and reserve any open ones for your meeting.

  • Avoid situations where multiple groups need a room at the same time
  • Create a clear policy and flow for reserving rooms and equipment
  • Save time and reduce confusion around resource availability

Location-specific Resources

Resources added to MangoApps can be tied to office locations and filtered by office and resource type.

Resource Booking System

Resource Management Admin Role

A custom admin role can be assigned to individuals involved in resource management.

Resource Availability In Calendar

See resource availability in the calendar at a glance, just like if you were trying to schedule a meeting with a specific person.

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