Instant Push Notifications

MangoApps Push Notifications keep employees updated, informed, and connected to their teams no matter what else is going on. With push notifications, communication stays instant and effective wherever the workday takes you.

  • Receive push notification directly to your mobile device, staying up to date on important activity in real time.
  • Adjust your personalized notification settings, helping you stay informed without distracting or irrelevant information.
  • Easily disable or snooze your push notifications to stay focused and on task during busy times of the day.
  • Ensure you still see instant messages, chats, and other important updates when working away from your desk.
Instant Push Notifications

Stay Informed With Web, Desktop, and Mobile Notifications

Real-time notifications keep users informed of important items as they happen. Pushed directly to the mobile app, desktop, or web, users never miss a beat.

Control What Notifications Make It Through

Users can adjust and tune their notifications to control what the platform notifies them of, and where. This control allows users to see everything, only see the most important news feed items, messages, chats as needed, or receive no notifications at all.

Instant Push Notifications

Take Direct Action on Notifications

Many notifications will allow users to take direct action right from where they appear, making it easy to react quickly and easily. View event invitations or RSVP directly, view messages and chats, open reports and view online, extend congratulations, and more. Users can also mark notifications as ‘read’ with a simple click or right-swipe gesture on mobile.

Important Activity Pushed Directly To Mobile

MangoApps mobile apps send push notifications directly to the mobile app, letting users know about important activity as it happens. The iOS app uses Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), and the Android app uses Google Cloud Messaging (GCM.)

Disable Or Snooze Notifications As Needed

Because users lead busy lives, there are times where they are away from work or busy with other things making notifications a distraction. Since notifications for web, desktop, mobile, and email are independent, they can easily be disabled on mobile to cease delivery until the setting is altered. Users can also opt to ‘snooze’ notifications, ranging from 30-minute to 8-hour options.

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