Protection Against Data Loss

With data loss prevention (DLP) policies in MangoApps, you can identify, monitor, alert and protect sensitive information in your MangoApps community.

  • Pre-shipped patterns get you off the ground quickly
  • It’s easy for compliance admins to get a domain-wide view
  • Compliance admins are alerted any time we detect a policy violation
  • Policy alerts comes with lifecycle management
Protection Against Data Loss

Pre-shipped templates to identify common data patterns

Our PII and Finance patterns, for common data types like credit card and social security numbers, automatically identify data loss problems across all content types with MangoApps, and bring them to the attention of compliance admins. It’s also easy to create your own patterns in minutes with no coding or support.

MangoApps comes with following patterns to identify sensitive information

  • US Social Security Number (SSN)
  • US Passport Number
  • US Driver’s License Number
  • US Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • US Bank Account Number
  • Credit Card Number

Make Compliance Admins’ Jobs Easier

Compliance admins are alerted any time we detect a policy violation, and can see the content (or not, in some cases) and message the user for removal. They’ll also receive a daily digest email of any policy violations, which can be turned off. This allows for a thorough, proactive approach to data loss that prevents potential legal issues before they do any harm.

Protection Against Data Loss

Domain-Wide View

It’s easy for compliance admins to get a domain-wide view of any content that matches your policies. This macro view lets you assess how well your organization is complying with DLP policy and can help guide compliance admins to areas where behavior or policy made need to change.

Policy Alert Lifecycle Management

DLP policy match alerts are generated when users post content with sensitive information that matches the pattern configured in a policy rule. Domain and compliance admins can then address the alert and close it, with an explanation for why they closed it. Alerts can be reopened at any time.

Educate your users about Policy

Our system can automatically notify users so that they receive information about the policy they’ve violated without the admins having to do anything

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