Private Messaging

MangoApps Private Messages offer companies a centralized and business focused communication system. Private messages are built with businesses in mind, helping employees stay focused and communicate effectively.

  • Replace outdated and time-consuming employee email with safe and centralized internal private messages
  • Keep communication effective and spam free by only allowing messages from trusted outside sources
  • Schedule reminders for important private messages, ensuring content never goes unanswered or is forgotten
  • Remove uncertainty and know right away when employees have seen a message with automatic read receipts
  • Save money on external email accounts with a centralized messaging system designed for every employee
Private Messaging

Replace Email With Private Messages

Focus on providing employees a better employee experience by eliminating the drawbacks of using email for internal communications

  • Messages are securely sent within the MangoApps environment
  • Compose private messages with Rich Text options
  • Eliminate SPAM, phishing emails, and other external distractions

MangoApps Email ID

All active users are assigned a unique MangoApps Email ID. This allows employees without company-issued email addresses to still receive important communications, helping integrate them further into the workforce.

Private Messaging

Select Message Recipients

When creating a message, you receive access to the full company directory, and can filter recipients by office location, department, skills, and any custom fields you have in your directory.

Edit Messages At Any Time

Unlike email, users can edit messages after they’ve been sent to fix typos or add additional thoughts, without ever having to recall a message.

Transparent Communication

Participants can be added to a thread at any time, making past messages visible and searchable by anyone in the conversation. To ensure transparency, private messages cannot be forwarded or BCC’ed.

Respond To External Emails

External emails can be set to forward to your private message inbox, and you can send responses without leaving MangoApps.

Read Receipts

Get immediate insight into who has read a sent message (and when) with read receipts.

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