Remember Everything Right In MangoApps

Notes make remembering, storing and keeping track of content easy. From short lists to lengthy research, notes keep content safe, secure and organized, giving users peace of mind and letting them focus on the important tasks at hand.

Easy To Create and Work With

Users can create new notes or edit existing ones with a single click. While composing notes users have access to a familiar WYSIWYG toolbar they’re familiar with from any word processor- allowing them to bold, italicize, underline, highlight or format their notes in many other helpful ways.

Adapt and Share

Notes can be easily converted into PDF files, letting user email, print or share them externally. Notes can also be shared with other users inside of MangoApps, making it simple to share relevant information with other employees.

Widget Friendly

Notes often contain reminders and regularly referred to information. MangoApps helps keep that content available by making Notes widget friendly. When the My Notes widget is enabled it displays the user’s notes on the right side menu.

Full Content Search

Notes and their specific content are completely searchable, helping users find information right away, wherever it is located.

Unlimited Notes

Users can create an unlimited number of notes inside of MangoApps, making it easy to keep everything in one area.

How Our Customers Use Notes

  1. 1
    Organize and store thoughts, ideas and important information in one area
  2. 2
    Share and save different notes through PDF conversion
  3. 3
    Keep content accessible and in sight with the My Notes widget
  4. 4
    Allow users to keep track of important ideas, actions or thoughts without relying on 3rd party apps or more traditional means

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