Media Gallery

The MangoApps Media Library helps companies organize and access media across MangoApps. The media library makes it easy to manage company photos, videos, and audio files, all in one user-friendly area.

  1. Access media files published anywhere in MangoApps from a centralized and searchable location
  2. Effortlessly store media across the organization with automatic updates to your media library
  3. Set specific media file permissions, ensuring employees only have access to relevant information
  4. Organize media files more effectively with hashtags, descriptions, custom metadata, and more

A Centralized Spot For Media

Round up media shared and stored across the company into one centralized location.

  • Track and access media without having to search through projects or news feeds
  • View, share, and upload company media directly from the mobile app
  • Arrange media in a gallery view, making it easy to see content previews

Upload Videos & Pictures

Users can drag & drop or select videos, pictures and audio files to upload directly into the media library, making them accessible throughout MangoApps.

Always Up To Date

The media library is automatically updated whenever a new image, video or audio file is added anywhere in MangoApps.

View & Stream Right Away

All media content can be viewed within MangoApps, removing the need to upload files onto an external site or download additional software.

Advanced Filtering

Users can perform fast filtering on media by category, type, and other custom fields. Narrow down results with comprehensive sorting and filtering features to find the right media files.

Bulk Actions

Users with adequate permissions can select multiple media files and perform the following bulk operations: download, set hashtags, assign or unassign categories, and delete selected files.

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