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Centralized Spot For Media

MangoApps Media Library rounds up media shared and stored across the company into one centralized location and allows users to keep track of and access media without having to search through projects, departments, or newsfeeds. Using and sharing company media has never been easier.

Upload Videos and Pictures

Users can drag & drop or select videos, pictures and audio files to upload directly into the media library making them accessible throughout MangoApps. Uploaded media is assigned custom fields such as hashtags, geotags, title, creation date, description and more. Users will select the destination folder, and also have the ability to notify team members of the new upload if desired.

Automatically Updated

The media library is automatically updated whenever a new image, video or audio file is added anywhere in MangoApps. New content is arranged into pre-established categories, keeping the media library up-to-date and organized.

View and Stream Right Away

Media content can all be viewed from within MangoApps, removing the need to first upload files onto an external site. Media content can also be easily accessed on any device without having to download any additional software or codecs.

Search and Sort Functions

Users can perform fast filtering on media by category, type, and other custom fields. Narrow down results with comprehensive sorting and filtering features to find the right media files. Advanced filters allow users to even look at media files uploaded by specific users or in specific teams or folders.

User-Friendly Gallery View

The Media Library is arranged in a visually friendly gallery view, making it easy to see content previews and quickly find or skip over certain files.

Bulk Media Actions

Users with adequate permissions can select multiple media files and perform the following bulk operations: download, set hashtags, assign or un-assign categories, and delete selected files. Bulk actions can be performed on up to 100 media files at a time.

Microsoft Presentations (PPT) In The Library

The MangoApps media library supports uploading, viewing, and searching of Microsoft presentation files. They are organized and visible alongside images, videos, and other media files, and with our O365 integration can be opened and edited directly in MangoApps.

Sharing Media Publicly

Media files that can be viewed by users outside of the organization with “no sign-on” required will be automatically categorized as ‘public media’. TinyTake files uploaded by users in your company are also automatically added here and visible to everyone. Domain admins can configure the visibility of the public file category alongside other media in the library.

Useful Access Insights

Users can view media insights, including the number of downloads, views, and pins. With permissions, users can view and export the access history of a desired media file. Admins can also pull reports illustrating media analytics for the full company or their respective teams.

View, Share, and Upload Media From Anywhere

View images, videos, audio, PDFs, and presentations in the media library right from the mobile app. Quickly filter by content type, sort, and access multiple views for quick on the go access to media. Shareable media links make it easy to share items in a team or upload directly from the device’s camera or camera gallery.

Set Precise File Permissions

By default, media files uploaded in the gallery will be available to everyone in the company. Files uploaded in specific teams or folders will carry the visibility permissions per the location.

How Our Customers Use Media Library

  1. 1
    Easily access and view media files from a centralized location
  2. 2
    Share and enjoy large media files right in the network (Up to 5GB)
  3. 3
    Add media permissions to sensitive and important content
  4. 4
    Organize and add context to media through hashtags, descriptions and more
  5. 5
    Use media library as a central hub for company training & development digital assets
  6. 6
    Access an organized and searchable photo library from company events, celebrations, and conferences
  7. 7
    Securely share links to media files with your teams

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