Screen & Video Recording

Screen recording tools that let your employees easily convey and absorb information.

  • Provide faces to the names of colleagues you wouldn’t otherwise have interacted with.
  • Easily collaborate with your peers without struggling to align your calendars for a meeting time.
  • Ask questions and take notes on important content within your Groups, Departments, Projects, and more.
  • Share ideas or screenshots with your colleagues on the News Feed.
  • Ensure knowledge isn’t lost by capturing moments/lessons in real-time with video recording and screenshots

Screen & Video Recording

Capture Employee Ideas In A Instant

Capture employee ideas and thoughts with screen capture. Annotate screenshots and send them to your colleagues for instant learning.

  • Take a screenshot in real time to capture a moment
  • Annotate screenshots to provide even greater context
  • Copy the screenshot link and share it with your colleagues

Screen Recorder

Record videos (up to 120 minutes) of your computer screen, add comments, and share them with your colleagues within minutes.

Screen & Video Recording

Webcam Recorder

Provide a personal element to your video recordings by adding your webcam to it. Set the right tone and quickly get your message across.

Annotate Videos & Screenshots

Easily convey information to your colleagues with annotations. Mark up your screenshots and videos with text boxes, lines, arrows, and more.

Create Learning Courses From Scratch

Improve the knowledge of your colleagues. Quickly transform your video recordings into full-fledged learning courses, directly from the Recordings Gallery.

  • Select the video you want to create a course with
  • Add a title, description, and share it with intended colleagues
  • Make courses public or private depending on who you want to view them

Share With Your Peers

Skip the meeting room. Share screenshots and video recordings with intended colleagues to allow for instant asynchronous collaboration.

Contribute To The Company Brain

Have a video/learning course that you think might be good for the company? Submit a learning course for approval and have it added to the shared company brain, so it never gets lost.

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