Simplify location-based information sharing for employees. Enhance cross-branch interaction with time zones and office details. Access location-specific resources and foster local company culture. Find colleagues effortlessly with filtered employee directories.

Discover Colleagues

Create a space where employees at an office location can connect, share resources, and partake in each other's interests and hobbies.

Location-Based Groups

Give employees a space to communicate and share information about their office location (such as building floor plans, access codes, office hours, holidays, etc.).

Get To Know Your Colleagues

Branch-based groups improve local employee engagement and company culture as employees get to know and interact with each other.

More unique features to love

Bridge the gap with remote workers

Make it easier for remote workers to collaborate across time zones by providing them access to office location hours, holidays, and local time.

Strengthen company culture

Strengthen office company culture by providing a space for employees to communicate and share each other’s interests.

Communicate important updates

Send out critical alerts or important updates to affected employees who work at a specific office location.

Office directories

Create user-friendly office directories with detailed information about each office/branch location.

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Discover how it functions

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Actual customer use-cases

  1. Share important office-based information in one central location
  2. Find colleagues by viewing employee directories filtered by location
  3. Improve office culture by creating a space for employees to share interests & hobbies
  4. Send out notifications to employees at impacted office locations, when needed

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