Remove Conversation Silos

Hashtags can be attached to updates, polls, files and more, allowing them be searched and followed by any user across the organization. They also help break down communication barriers and allow participation across departments and teams.

Hashtag Updates In Real Time

Following a hashtag is a great way to discover and keep track of important or interesting content. It results in real time notifications across platforms whenever new content is tagged, or as existing content is modified with hashtags.

Increased Post Engagement

Posts with hashtags receive on average twice the engagement of regular posts. Adding hashtag help users provide better feedback by tying ideas and topics together and providing users with increased context and understanding.

Organize and Identify

Admins or users can edit and assign a color to a hashtag and add a description to the tag if necessary, making hashtags organized and easy to identify.

Searches and Filters

All hashtags are searchable alone or can also be used as search filters. This helps employees find information within hashtags as well as similar content that may not have been tagged.

Admin Management and Control

Admins have complete hashtag control. They manage who can create new hashtags, can merge similar topics together, and delete unused tags. Merging similar hashtags together automatically re-tags all content and notifies following users.

Create Categories For Hashtags

Admins can create categories and organize hashtags accordingly. Hashtags can be part of 1 or more categories, and allows users to browse hashtags in the user portal by category. The order of categories is controlled by admins via drag and drop.

Additional Hashtag Features

More Coworker Connection
Employees can see other hashtag followers too, helping them understand similar interests and work responsibilities. This understanding increases employee connection and encourages collaboration throughout the organization.
Automatic Permission Checking
Hashtags automatically assess a user’s permissions and filter out content he or she is not authorized to see. This creates the perfect blend of interdepartmental communication while still allowing sensitive content to remain unseen.

How Our Customers Use Hashtag

  1. 1
    Follow and receive real-time updates about trends and relevant information
  2. 2
    Communicate between coworkers about similar ideas and interests
  3. 3
    Create stronger ties between branches and departments
  4. 4
    Develop increased understanding and context about important topics

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