Guest User Access

MangoApps Partner Collaborations provide a simple, secure, and effective two-way communication with partners, vendors, customers, and employees. We make it easy to keep in contact with anyone at any time.

  • Allow important external members to view and participate in groups and projects as enabled guest users
  • Connect and communicate with your enabled guest users in real-time with MangoApps Instant Messaging
  • Send and receive secure messages directly in MangoApps from trusted external email and IP addresses
  • Keep communication and information from partners in one safe, searchable, and centralized location
Guest User Access

Easy External Collaboration

MangoApps admins can create user profiles for invited customers, partners, vendors, and suppliers, allowing them to participate in specified pieces of the software. Guest user profiles make external collaboration simple and make collaboration easy.

Real-time Guest Messaging

Guests users in MangoApps also receive instant messaging abilities, putting them in direct contact with company experts and support teams. This increased and immediate contact helps answer questions and move projects forward in real time.

Guest User Access

External Email Replacement

Guests users and employees inside of MangoApps can easily send email styled messages. MangoApps mail keeps communication spam and clutter free, ensuring that inboxes are always relevant, and that sensitive or confidential information is kept safe.

Keep Everything In One Place

Communicating with external partners inside of MangoApps keeps information organized and easy to find. MangoApps stores a full history of conversations, documents, posts and anything else shared in the system, all fully searchable from any device.

Private Communication Without Guest Visibility

While including outside guests can be very valuable to collaboration and project goals, there are times where internal only discussion or sharing is needed. Network users can opt adjust the sharing of updates and posts to either be visible to ‘All Project Members’ which includes guests, or ‘Network Users Only’ which locks the visibility of the content to only be seen by internal colleagues.

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