Attach and View Files From Any Device

Uploading files to any page, discussion or post is effortless, and allows users to attach any number of files as needed up to 5GB per file. The built-in file viewer powers viewing of file content on any browser by converting documents into a format that displays beautifully in web or mobile apps.

Integration With Other File Repositories

MangoApps integrates with Sharepoint, Box, DropBox, and more. This provides users with a great way to share and collaborate on all kinds of files located in other file storage services.

Commenting and Collaboration

The way users interact with shared files is what makes the tool powerful. Users can comment and react to attached files and posts, collaborate offering ideas, feedback, and edits.

Upload Files Through Email

Easily upload files to a specific folder by email. Folders have unique email addresses generated displayed in the ‘upload email address’ dialog. In addition to giving users and guest users the ability to upload files through email, third party file uploads or report downloads can be pointed to this email address to automatically feed files.

Zip File Viewer

Share, open, and view zip files with ease. The built-in file viewer opens zip files, and converts documents, giving users access to its contents for viewing on any device.

Automatic Virus Scanning

Armed with the ability to detect more than 1 million viruses, malware, trojans, and other malicious threats, MangoApps scans within attachments, including compressed files, and obfuscated files. Any threats are quarantined and unavailable for download to avoid spreading the threat. Infections are logged and immediately sent to the admin and uploader via private message.

How Our Customers Use File Sharing

  1. 1
    Attach, share, and allow users to view files right inside the app
  2. 2
    Save time by finding files or documents in posts with the powerful search tool
  3. 3
    Access and share files from Box, Dropbox or other file repositories
  4. 4
    Comment and react to files and posts to collaborate with colleagues
  5. 5
    Upload files through email with smart email alias’

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