Critical Alerts & Warnings

Use alerts to communicate time-sensitive and crucial information to the entire organization or specific teams and groups. Out-of-the-box templates cover the majority of common organizational alerts or create your own, draft/preview your message visually and select delivery channels prior to distribution.

Critical Alerts & Warnings

Immediately Reach Your Workforce

Communicate urgent time-sensitive information to the entire organization or specific groups and teams with alerts.

  • Keep employees updated and informed on potential workplace emergencies
  • Send out alerts to mobile devices, reaching employees wherever they are
  • Create a ‘must-read’ alert to ensure your employees have seen the information

Easy Segmentation

Send out critical alerts to segments of your workforce based on team, location, or role, ensuring that only impacted employees are notified.

Critical Alerts & Warnings

Alert Templates

Create unplanned company communications quickly with 20+ customizable alert templates ranging across several emergency categories, or create your own custom templates.

Multi-Channel Communications

Send alerts through multiple delivery channels, such as text, mobile push notifications, or email, to ensure you reach all employees in real-time.

Alert Scheduling

Draft and save alerts to be published at a future date to ensure the most effective timing for alerts to be seen by employees.

Ensure Your Alerts Are Seen

See who has read your alert in real time, and resend with escalated urgency to those who missed it.


Improve accessibility by enabling employees to interpret alerts by listening to text-to-speech messages, no matter where they are.

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