Departmental Portals

MangoApps Departments give every department a designated space to share news, collect data, and collaborate together. Whether you’re organizing meetings or offering feedback, departments provide the perfect tools.

  • Give employees from every department a central site to share information and communicate together
  • Keep company departments automatically up-to-date by syncing content with LDAP or Active Directory
  • Help employees learn about other department roles and responsibilities with detailed department pages
  • Organize department-wide events, trainings, meetings, and more with department specific calendars
  • Collect important forms and resources from department members in a safe, secure, and centralized area
  • Provide easy employee access to vacation requests, expense reports, and other departmental resources
Departmental Portals

Online Spaces For Every Department

Give leaders and employees from every department a central site to share information, communicate, and collaborate.

  • Use department pages to effectively communicate goals, while aligning contributors
  • Customize department page to match the specific business needs of the department
  • Use department hashtags so employees can follow specific topics relevant to them

Quickly Create Departments

Create a page for each of your company’s departments. Provide department name, description, logo, and assign department admins.

Departmental Portals

Share Updates

Department posts share specific news and reports with the team. Admins can also create department wikis to share action items, plans, goals, and more.

Keep Membership Up To Date

New employees or departments automatically stay in sync by connecting to your LDAP or Active Directory server. For companies that don’t use AD, admins can manually create departments with an easy-to-use wizard.

Department Calendar

Attribute a calendar specific to the events, meetings, and training of the department. Set reminders for members, create recurring meetings, or share big events with the department.

Improve Department Efficiency

Create online web forms and trackers to improve department efficiency, and provide a central place to collect information and save time.

Get Feedback With Polls

Create polls to allow members of departments to express opinions and ideas, improving engagement and workplace efficiency.

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