The dashboard is your one-stop shop for company content. Each dashboard is completely customizable and can be tailored to match each employee’s individual needs.

  1. Access all of your updates, news, and important resources from one centralized source of information
  2. Customize your experience with access to 75+ widgets, all of which can be rearranged and resized to build a unique dashboard
  3. Set up quick links to important and regularly used applications/tools, accessible via SSO
  4. Stay connected and receive important company information and announcements

Create Unique & Interactive Dashboards

Made up of flexible, interactive widgets, each employee’s dashboard can be customized to put everything they need in one place, exactly how they want it.

Select What You Want To See

Improve productivity by empowering employees to select which widgets they want to see, whether it’s email, a task list, calendar, quick links, or key information from specific groups.

Choose From A Selection of 75+ Widgets

Personalize your dashboard so that you have instant access to the information, resources, and tools you want to see. 

Even more great features to love

Easily Integrate Content

Bring in content from other applications and access it on your dashboard, giving you access to everything you need in one centralized location.

Harness The Power Of A Mobile Dashboard

Enable and customize a dashboard specially for your mobile device, without changing your web layout, making it easy to get the information you need, while on the go.

Create A Designated Landing Page For Employees

Admins can make dashboards the default home or landing page for all employees, ensuring that people have a central place to go to when they need a resource or information.

Easy Administration

Admins have the ability to add, remove, or update widgets across all employee dashboards, making global changes straightforward and easy.

How customers use this feature

  1. Share and receive important company announcements in real-time
  2. Set up quick links to regularly used tools and systems, via SSO
  3. Create relevant and personalized dashboards unique to each employee
  4. Keep frontline employees in the loop with configurable mobile dashboards
  5. Create a landing spot for employees to access other resources and tools