Collaborative Notes

MangoApps Notes give employees a place to record important content. Notes help everyone stay organized by providing a modern, searchable, and centralized way to keep track of miscellaneous information.

  1. Organize, store, and keep track of meaningful thoughts, ideas, and information in one easy to access area
  2. Convert notes into easy to manage PDF files for simple external sharing across any platform or device
  3. Keep content accessible with a personalized notes widget, clearly displaying all of your information
  4. Locate specifics with absolute ease using Mango Note’s in-depth and advanced search capabilities

Stay Organized

Organize, store, and keep track of meaningful thoughts, ideas, and information in one easy to access area.

  • Convert notes into PDFs for simple external sharing across devices
  • Quickly locate what you’re looking for with advanced search capabilities
  • Securely store important content in an organized location

Collaborate In Real Time

Notes offer a native collaborative document inside MangoApps, where multiple users can edit, comment, and chat in real time.

  • Up to 10 collaborators can be working on a note at the same time
  • Embed images, gifs, links, rich text, tables, and code blocks
  • Every time a change is made, the document is saved, so nothing gets lost

Edit Notes From The Mobile App

Users can create, view, share, and co-edit their notes within the mobile app. Live and concurrent editing lets everyone see the same note and make visible changes in real-time.

Easy Sharing

Sharing is made easy with PDFs, user invites, or internal/external shareable links. Authors set permissions as they share, allowing the owner and editors to co-edit and manage permissions.

Rich Content Experience

Notes allow the embedding of inline images and GIFs to support richer content experiences.

View Edit History

Get notified after co-editors have made changes to a note. Editors and note creators can see who edited, downloaded, viewed, or shared a note.

Even more great features to love