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Bring Collaboration
Into The Open

Promote transparency and efficiency by bringing collaboration into team workspaces,
so projects get across the finish line quickly and nothing falls through the cracks.

Create Searchable, Task-oriented
Team Workspaces

Project workspaces offer a visible, consolidated area for collaboration, with communication
and task management features that ensure your projects make it across the finish line.
Create Searchable, Task-oriented Team Workspaces
Guest Users
Invite external users like customers or partners for secure collaboration
Visibility Control
Tight permissions ensure that sensitive project data doesn’t leave the team
Indexed For Search
All project content is searchable to members, including historical data

Case Study

Improving Internal Communications

Learn how Ekspert leveraged MangoApps to transform the way their teams communicate.

Improving Internal Communications

Stay On The Same Page With Team Updates

Familiar social media features like comment threads, emoji reactions, and multimedia make
team collaboration within MangoApps far more engaging than email.
Stay On The Same Page With Team Updates
Files & Media
Attach images, gifs, and files to your updates for your colleagues’ convenience
Surveys & Polls
Updates with interactive surveys get you quick, actionable feedback
Must-read Posts
Track engagement on important team updates and follow up with non-engagers

Distribute & Oversee Action Items

Delegate tasks, break down assignments, and get both high-level and granular views of your projects.
Our deep task management feature set can fit into any team’s workflow.
Distribute & Oversee Action Items
Project Health & Milestones
Manage project progress with overviews of the work being done over time
Automate approvals and notifying coworkers within tasks to save time
Recurring Tasks
Establish recurring tasks so regular deliverables stay on track

Promote Visibility With Shared To-do Lists

Each user gets a to-do list that collates all of their tasks across projects and teams,
and can be made visible to supervisors and colleagues.
Promote Visibility With Shared To-do Lists
Automatic Reminders
Set reminders before/after your to-dos so you don’t miss deadlines
Control Visibility
Keep your list personal or share with your team so they know what’s on your plate
Dashboard Widget
Action center widget on the dashboard ensures your to-do list stays top of mind

Manage Events With
Personal & Team Calendar

Make scheduling one-off and recurring events easier with a centralized calendar
for everything from company-wide events to personal appointments.
Manage Events With Personal & Team Calendar
Integrate with Outlook, Google, iCal, and more, plus the MangoApps dashboard
Rich Event Pages
Calendar event pages have space for all the details, as well as conversation
Resource Reservation
Tie rooms and tech resources to the calendar to track needs and minimize confusion

Keep Yourself Honest With Reminders

Set up reminders for your events, pending approvals, due tasks, and pending actions, so you don’t miss deadlines.
Keep Yourself Honest With Reminders
Flexible Settings
Reminder timing and channels can be customized by the user
Multiple Channels
Reminders can be delivered in the web portal, mobile app, messenger app and by email
Only you can see your reminders, so they serve as a discreet, useful tool

Manage Sales Collaboration
With CRM Workspace

When you’re chasing big deals, there can be a lot of moving parts. Our deal workspaces give
you a space to manage all the tasks and conversations around each deal.
Manage Sales Collaboration With CRM Workspace
Lifecycle Management
Keep track of your opportunities as they move through the pipeline
Deep Analytics
Get better data on your sales pipeline with a high-level overview & granular insights
Integrates with Salesforce and Siebel to automatically populate your pipeline
MangoApps has the potential to change the way a company thinks, and that’s a difficult thing to do because a big company is like an oil tanker in the sea: Trying to shift it from one area to the next is a difficult thing. But when you have e-collaboration, you have multiple individuals working as a team, and the benefits are seen very quickly. And that’s what we noticed when we deployed it.
- Phil Ward, Market Manager for Data Centers, HUBER+SUHNER
I think it allows us to be more collaborative as an organization because we have offices across the country and across the world. Sometimes there’s a habit of just seeking out information from those that are closest to us. Using [MangoApps] has really allowed us to share documents and share resources across the firm as opposed to just across our teams.
- Doug Adolph, Vice President, CCS
The collaboration space is the clear favorite. Our employees absolutely love the groups and projects, the fact that they can have all their information in one area and work on it together.
- Carolyn Prendergast, Head of Internal Communications, Tatts Group

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