Personal & Team Calendar

MangoApps Calendars keep schedules organized and in sync on a company, department, team and personal level. View all of your activities within your business in one centralized and up-to-date area.

  • Organize meetings, outings, and other events with calendars specifically designed for every type of team
  • Schedule regularly occurring activities with defined start features and an optional expiration date
  • Discuss events and stay up-to-date on all of the details with descriptive and interactive event pages
  • Customize events to be public, private, team specific, or to include guests from outside the organization
  • Create personalized reminders and manage individual items, tasks, and to-dos in your own private calendar
  • Easily integrate existing calendars like Outlook, Google, and iCal, for a single comprehensive calendar
Personal & Team Calendar

Manage Events With Personal & Team Calendars

Make scheduling one-off and recurring events easier with a centralized calendar for everything from company-wide events to personal appointments.

  • Integrate with Outlook, Google, iCal, and more, plus the MangoApps dashboard
  • Calendar event pages have space for all the details, as well as conversation
  • Easily view scheduled company events or holidays

Create Calendar Events

Users can create four distinct types of events: company-wide events, team events, meetings (accessible only to invited members), and appointments (accessible only to the creator).

Personal & Team Calendar

Resource Reservation

When creating a meeting or event in the MangoApps calendar, you can see what rooms or resources are available and reserve any open ones for your meeting.

Connect Your Entire Workforce

Bridge the gap between your frontline and desk workers by providing transparent team calendars. Employees without a Microsoft account can still view/access the calendar.

Manage Permissions

Admins control who can and cannot create different types of events. This increases organization and ensures that company plans and schedules are never in conflict.

Easy To Manage RSVPs

RSVP notifications are only sent to event creators, keeping event pages neat and organized. Invitees can choose to RSVP to events directly from notifications or open the event to see more before responding.

Company Calendar & Holidays

Admins can set up a company calendar for a full year of location-based holidays and other important company dates.

Smooth Calendar Integration

MangoApps Calendar syncs seamlessly with existing Outlook, Google or iCal calendars to keep a user’s scheduling up-to-date.

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